Guitar Art Festival 2020, March 10-15th

Date: 27-02-2020
40 fingers

40 Fingers quartet

March is indeed a great month for art in Belgrade. Right after FEST film festival ends, Guitar Art Festival begins, while in the same time galleries and museum have excellent programs. Guitar Art Festival will start on March 10 and will bring to Belgrade no fewer than 130 guitar experts, most of them members of string trios and quartets, and several soloists. Concerts will be held in Kombak Hall and in atrium of The National museum. The festival’s slogan is “Rhapsody”, mirroring the variety and energy of the acoustic guitar, ranging from world music to film and classical music.

Three big concerts

Guitar Art Festival, 21st to date, will have three especially important concerts, held by the guitarist Daniel Casares, quartet 40 Fingers and group Odjila.

Daniel Casares was born in 1980. and currently is considered to be the best Spanish flamenco guitarist of the younger generation. Casers is also a compositor, keeping a balance on his concerts between his works and the works of other authors. He published six albums, wrote music for film and TV, and won many international prizes. Ticket prices for his concert on March 10th is 1900RSD.

daniel casares

Daniel Casares

Italian quartet 40 Fingers has won the world renown for their adaptations of popular rock hits and film music, such as hits from Queen and from recent popular movies and TV series. All four members have remarkable careers and solo albums, with equal expertise in playing modern and classical music. The concert is set for March 12th, and ticket can be purchased for either 2.600RSD or 3.300RSD.

Odjila is well known Serbian band, which performs Gypsy music, extremely popular in late 80’s and formed again in 2007, in almost original line-up. Odjila is following the musical legacy of Moscow’s Romen theatre, the biggest keeper of Romani musical tradition in Eastern Europe, leading to a major confusion, as media and even some festival organisers in earlier years thought them to be a Russian band. Tickets for this concert are very affordable, starting at 1.500RSD.

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