Escape room – the ultimate fun

Date: 31-08-2020

escape room beograd 2

Following the example of world capitals, Belgrade has opened its first Escape room a couple of years ago and delighted the visitors with an original story and top-notch entertainment. Today, there is a significantly more adventures to try out, mostly in the city center, so we believe that everyone will find a challenge to their liking.

For all those who are not familiar with the concept of Escape room adventures, the room escape is a game in which teams two to six players try to solve puzzles by manipulating real objects and finding a way out of a locked room. The game does not require any prior knowledge, it is enough for the participants to be perceptive, imaginative, creative, and above all – team players. Game time is limited, in most cases to an hour, but it still gives players enough time to discover the secret code and unlock the door. This time, we will single out two rooms that we believe will intrigue and entertain you.

Can you find the way out of the sheriff’s castle?

After several years of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, the outlaws from the Sherwood Forest are given the task of finally overthrowing the notorious Prince John and help to restore the only legitimate ruler, King Richard, to the throne. King Richard returns from his campaigns in the Holy Land, but realizes that the people have forgotten him, and that only with the return of the stolen crown he will succeed in regaining the throne. It is up to you to organize the outlaws, forge a plan, return the crown, and find a way to escape. Book our Lucky apartment in Balkanska street and be one step closer to an adventure with outlaws from the Sherwood forest, at Terazije no. 38.

Freemasons need your help

The Masonic lodge in Belgrade suffered a great blow, because a high-ranking member of the lodge was murdered in the organization’s premises. The police arrived at the scene, but they did not manage to find any clues, and the investigation met a dead-end. So, Masons invitedyou and the members of your detective agency in the hope that you will shed light on the murder and find the killer. Prepare for the adventure filled with mystery, lies and plots that will make you doubt your detective skills. Freemasons are waiting for your arrival at their lodge at Mihajla Pupina Boulevard 16a.

escape room beograd 1


You have been invited to the headquarters of the allied troops in order to help decipher intercepted German message. The headquarters believes that with this information they can reverse the course of the war and finally defeat the Axis forces. In order to succeed in that, it is necessary to form a team of spies to infiltrate German headquarters at the address Španskih boraca 2, find the German encryption machine Enigma and discover the content of the message. You must complete the mission in a maximum of sixty minutes just before the next guard shift.

Book one of the Sky apartments in the city center and always be just a few steps away from your desired adventure.