Museum of Illusions

Date: 02-09-2020

obrnuta soba

In the very center of Belgrade, right next to the Terazije tunnel, is located the first museum where you can take photos, laugh, fool around and talk, while the museum curators encourage you to post it all on your social media accounts. The Museum of Illusions on its four hundred square meters offers an intriguing sensory and educational experience with a handful of fun, stunning, and yet unseen illusions. The Museum of Illusions belongs to the fastest-growing museum franchise in the world and by 2020 it was already open in twenty cities around the world. It spreads over three floors and has more than seventy exhibits in its display.

Exhibits like no other

Already at your first step, the Museum of Illusions will start playing with your perception of space and put you in a situation where you will begin to doubt your senses. You will wonder how a wheel can be black from one angle and look like a green ball from another, or how can the glass be round from one point of view and square from another, or how it is possible for a person of average height to suddenly become the shortest in the room.

Be brave and step into the Vortex tunnel which will make you doubt your ability to maintain balance and make every next step, on a completely flat and stable surface, more and more difficult. Try your hand at a poker game with your five clones, enjoy a collection of holograms, or serve someone’s head on a plate. Peek into the “bottomless pit” and get to know yourself in a thousand different editions and literally from all angles.

Visit a smart playroom and learn about sight, perception, the human brain, and science through attractive and fun tricks, and discover why the eyes see things that the brain does not understand. Explore didactic concepts, experience true fitness for the brain, and remind yourself that the assumptions we have about the world around us are just assumptions.

soba muzej ilizija

Museum of Illusions: ticket prices

The price of tickets for adults is 750 RSD, for children under the age of five the entrance is free, while for children older than five you will have to pay 450 RSD. The management also came out with a promotion for parents with two children who will have to set aside 1,500 RSD for a visit to the museum. Of course, this price applies to children older than five. When leaving the Museum of Illusions, you will have the opportunity to visit a smart shop and buy souvenirs or didactic games which will be a beautiful memory of unusual exhibits and a visit to the museum.

Book an apartment in Dečanska street and in addition to being a part of all events in the city center, you can, in less than two minutes’ walk, be at the entrance of the Museum of Illusions and in first hand see why it is a place of interest for all residents and guests of Belgrade.