Lists by CNN and NYT recommend Belgrade

Date: 26-01-2018

It is no longer news that Belgrade is praised as a great tourist destination in world media and on travel websites. Still, it’s not often that two influential global media mention Belgrade in that context in the same week, and that is exactly what happened in early January.

CNN ranks Serbia within 5 top travel destinations

CNN has placed Serbia and Belgrade among 18 destinations tourists should visit this year. Our country and it’s capital are in 4th place, positioned between islands of Malta and Nevis (Caribbean). CNN recommends Belgrade for it’s great night life, dynamic tempo of life and curious historical moment. This last remark is about the change from “Soviet-style architecture”, still evident in Belgrade, to “modern glitzy look”. CNN is advising tourists not to miss the walk along the banks of Danube and Sava in Belgrade, but also recommends places outside of Belgrade, such as rail journey do Bar, Đavolja Varoš, Kopaonik and Zlatibor. It is peculiar that, when advising of food, CNN doesn’t mention ćevapi (minced meat), but focuses on cheeses instead. You can see the complete list here.

top lists belgrade 2018

foto: Janoš Guljaš

Belgrade, but also Kigali

The one top list even more influential than CNN’s is the list compiled each year by New York Times, made after looking into more than 120.000 nominations. The lists consists of 52 destinations. with Belgrade holding 32nd place. Many non-typical tourists destinations are regularly finding their way into New York Times’s list, with the good example being the city one place above Belgrade, this city being Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. New York Times is also describing Belgrade as a place coming out of a post-communist period, and we can agree or disagree with that, but we have to embrace that this perception by the westerners is what makes Belgrade interesting for them, and to make use of it. Clubs and river banks are also mentioned, with the reminder there are many cheap flights to Belgrade. See the  the complete list here.

Cheap accommodation

CNN and New York Times conclude that tourists looking for accommodation in Belgrade should take a look into apartments for rent or stay at some of many news hotels in the city. If you are also thinking about coming to Belgrade, as soon as you book a ticket, you can choose an apartment from at best prices, and start planning your trip today.