Summer theatre on Taš opens with “Trpele”

Date: 17-06-2020

Everyone who follows the work of the Belgrade drama theater will no longer have to wait to watch their favorite actors because the theater, during the next few months, will move to the summer stage of Tašmajdan. The summer stage of Tašmajdan aims to include the most attractive and popular plays and in that way to attract a significant part of the audience. The honor to open the summer stage was given to the great play “Trpele”, whose performance is scheduled for June 27 and 28, 2020 at 9 p.m.

trpele 2

“Small, invisible wounds”

The play “Trpele” is an intriguing, challenging, moving and above all true story about women who have suffered “small punches” for many years. Mentioned women are coming from different social backgrounds, they have a different education, character and destiny, but what connects them all is the terrible faith that they suffered with their husbands and the physical violence that ultimately led them to the only act in which they saw a way out – murder.

All testimonies presented in the play are credible and are taken from the transcripts of the Helsinki committee for human rights, but we will immediately emphasize that the aim of this play is not to imitate newspapers, but to use all the potentials that the theater offers, and that through contemporary stage expression, innovation in movement and the use of all the senses and abilities of the actors, influence the consciousness and conscience of the spectators in order to finally react when they notice “small punches” in their surrounding.

A thought-provoking show

Milena Depolo and Boban Skerlić had the difficult task of avoiding pathos and establishing the precise line between documentary and fiction, but also to make the audience think about whether women should be justified for the act they undertook and if the answer is “yes”, in which way would they do that?

The cast ot “Trpele”consists of Danica Ristovska, Jadranka Selec, Milena Pavlović Čučilović, Ivana Nikolić, Nataša Marković, Sladjana Vlajović and Milica Zarić. The play participated in a large number of domestic and regional competitions from which it returned with awards for best play, best cast, best lead actress, best innovation in movement, social engagement and collective acting. During the seven years of playing, the play was seen by 200,000 spectators.

Summer at Tašmajdan park

The tickets can be bought at the box office of the Sports and recreation center Tašmajdan or through the website at a price of 500 RSD for ground floor. Repertoire of Tašmajdan open stage, during the summer, is our recommendation for all guests of Sky apartments, and since that Sky apartments are located in the center of the city, Tašmajdan park will always be easy to reach. At the Tašmajdan park you can visit sports center, swimming pool and from this year an open theatre.