Serbia and Belgrade praised by CNN

Date: 22-05-2018
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There’s an obvious link between the number of tourists coming to visit Serbia and the way our country is portrayed in the media. Positive marks on travel websites are nothing new and the trend is there since year 2000, but only if mainstream media are continuously talking about reasons to visit Serbia year after year there is a chance that the majority of audience will be informed about what Serbia has to offer. Luckily, that is exactly what is happening right now, as for the second year in a row CNN is recommending Serbia to tourists, and there is no better channel to reach global market than CNN. Many countries and regions are advertising CNN and it is an honor to see Serbia regularly mentioned as a recommendation from the editors, while many other destinations are present only in sponsored content.

Belgrade firmly at the top

visit Belgrade Zemun


In an article published in early May, CNN focused on 11 locations worth seeing for those who come to visit Serbia. All of them are established tourist destinations, good for most tourists, with an even mix of natural wonders and city tours. Belgrade is on the top of the list, marked as a city with a unique energy and outstanding offer of restaurants, cafes and nightlife. This may be a simplification, but is still a great advantage from tourist’s perspective. In second place, behind Belgrade is Belgrade again, Zemun municipality to be precise. Zemun is singled out for it’s Central European charm, picturesque riverside and Gardos tower. A visit to Great War Island is advised, but the article doesn’t mention the pontoon bridge is in place only few months each year.

Mountains and old architecture as key attractions

Among other locations CNN recommends are cities Novi Sad and Subotica, mountains Tara, Kopaonik, Zlatibor, Fruška Gora and Mokra Gora, Devil’s Town rock formations and Studenica monastery. It is almost impossible for tourists to see all the atractions during a single visit, but combining a stay in Belgrade and trip to Central Serbia can be the way to see all except two places in one time (skipping including Subotica and Devil’s Town).

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Cover photo: Uroš Jovanović via Twitter