Museum of Ivo Andrić

Date: 07-08-2020

One of the museums that guests of the capital should visit is the museum of Ivo Andrić. Every year, the museum of our only Nobel laureate is visited by an increasing number of domestic and foreign guests, all in the desire to experience first-hand the authentic atmosphere in which some of the best novels of Yugoslav literature were created.


Authentic work environment and personal items

In the very center of Belgrade, not far from the Belgrade City Hall and the Presidency building, on Andrićev venac no. 8 is a museum dedicated to one of the best writers of Yugoslav literature, Ivo Andrić. The museum is located in the apartment where the Nobel prize winner has lived with his wife Milica Babić since 1958. The curators made an effort to fully preserve the authentic layout and appearance of the entrance hall, salon, and Andrić’s study. The rest of the apartment has been renovated and adapted to display a permanent exhibition that aims to introduce visitors to the life and work of the great writer in chronological order. The permanent exhibition of the museum consists of personal items, including magazines, medals, photographs, letters, and clothes.

The story of Ivo Andrić

Ivo Andrić was born in Travnik in 1892. but at the age of two, he moved with his mother to Višegrad, where he spent most of his childhood. As a resident of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, he attended several schools in Sarajevo, Zagreb, Vienna, and Krakow, and defended his doctoral dissertation at the University of Graz in the field of philosophical sciences. As a high school student, he joined the organization “Young Bosnia”, due to which he spent a short period of his life in the Austro-Hungarian prison.

He came to Belgrade in 1919. and began his diplomatic service, where he remained until the beginning of the Second World War. He was a member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, where he was admitted in 1926. In addition to the novel “Na Drini ćuprija”, his most famous works are “Prokleta avlija”, “Gospodjica”, “Jelena, žena koje više nema” and “Travnička hronika”.


Ivo Andric at his home

In 1961. the Nobel Committee awarded Andrić the Nobel Prize for Literature for “the epic power with which he shaped the themes and presented the destinies of people throughout the history of his country.” Ivo Andrić donated the entire award of one million dollars to the development of librarianship in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tickets for the Ivo Andrić Museum can be purchased via the website at a price of 200 RSD. A special ticket price of 100 RSD is reserved for students, unemployed, and senior citizens, while children under the age of seven, people with disabilities, companions of people with disabilities, and EURO26 cardholders (also frequent guests of Sky Apartments ) are entitled to free admission every last Saturday of the month.

photo: Wikimedia