Children’s theatre: Marko Kraljević

Date: 25-06-2020

The organizers of the Belgrade summer stage decided to pay special attention to the youngest residents of Belgrade, and for that reason they have prepared a rich repertoire of plays for warm summer days. Thanks to Belgrade summer stage elementary school students, together with their parents, will have the opportunity to enjoy the plays from theaters like Boško Buha, Pinocchio, Little slug theater, Duško Radović theatre and many others. The repertoire intended for the youngest citizens of Belgrade will be shown in the period from June 25. to July 18. with the show starting at 6 pm.

How are heroes created?

decije predstave marko kraljevic

The opening of the childrens summer stage is reserved for the june 26. and 27. with performance of the children’s play “Hart within the hero Marko Kraljević”, by the “Duško Radović” theater. On one hand the meeting with one of the most famous Serbian heroes inevitably brings a handful of excitement, joy, laughter, suffering and great love, and on the other hand many questions that Jordan Cvetanović, the author of the book, is trying to answer. What does an individual need to do to become a hero? Is it enough to be brave, strong, honest, or is it crucial to fight for the rights of the weak and unprotected? A particularly important question is whether we lose the status of hero if we find ourselves in a situation where we “freeze” and do not know how to react?

The hero who imposed himself as a natural choice for this topic is Marko Kraljević, the hero appreciated precisely because of his resourcefulness and physical strength, but also the arrogance he showed in the fight against the Turks. Next to the poem “Marko Kraljević and Musa Kesedzija” in which Marko Kraljević after a short and cunning battle kills the greatest Turkish outlaw, recognizable by his super strength, three ribs, three hearts and a snake on his chest, play will also cover other songs, but most of the attention will be focused on the story that was put in the background of the poem, the one between Marko Kraljević and the beautiful Theodora. The idea of the plays director Jug Radivojević was to emphasize the emotional side of Marko Kraljevic, a side that we all possess regardless of whether our name is accompanied by the sign “hero”, which for the most part actually makes us human. The actors on stage symbolically depict traits such as Vila Ravijojla (wisdom, imagination), Buzdovan (courage, strength, fearlessness), Šarac (friendship, loyalty) and Rujna (happiness, joy and enjoyment of life).

A proven cast for the best atmosphere

marko kraljevic

The cast consists of Bogdan Bogdanović (Marko Kraljević), Katarina Dimitrijević as the beautiful Teodora, Lazar Miljković (Musa Kesedzija), Arsenija Tubić (Šarac), Iva Adzić (Vila Ravijojla), Miloš Andjelković (Buzdovan) and Aleksandra Andjelković (Rujna).

Tickets can be picked up at the box office of the Sports and recreation center Tašmajdan at a price of 250 RSD. We have a warm recommendation for all guests of Sky apartments to spend the day in Tasmajdan park, because they will have the opportunity to enjoy beautiful childrens playground, restaurants Madera and Last chance, and to end the day by visiting the Small summer stage and enjoying the most beautiful children’s plays.