Date: 17-12-2019

On of the most famous bands from Zagreb’s rock scene ever, Jura Stublic & Film, will celebrate 40 years on the scene with a series of concerts. The one in Belgrade is scheduled for February 29th (2020 is a leap year), in Belgrade Youth Center (DOB), the same place where Film first played in Belgrade in 1981.

Jura Stublić & Film 2020

Foto: Mikseta.net

Hit maker

Jura Stublic and the band Film are true rock legends, with four albums in the anthology of 100 best ex-Yu rock albums („Još jučer samo na filmu a sada i u vašoj glavi“, „Signali u noći“, „Sva čuda svijeta“ and „Film u Kulušiću“). The list of 100 best Yu-Rock songs compiled by B92 has three songs by Film („Zamisli život u ritmu muzike za ples“, „Neprilagođen“ and „Boje su u nama“).

The band Film is returning to Belgrade after several years of pause. This band is different from other older bands that still play, because Jura Stublic & Film are almost exclusively playing only their hit songs from first four albums, recorded in short time between 1981. and 1985.

40 years of Jura Stublic & Film

Jura Stublic started his music career in the same time and in same student’s clubs together with Dzoni Stulic and Darko Rundek, two other heavy-weights of Zagreb’s rock scene in the eighties. He was the lead vocal in band Azra, but soon left it to start the band Film. After several years, the band was renamed Jura Stublic & Film, with many guest appearances of the biggest names in late Yugoslav and early post-brake-up music scene. When touring, the band usually plays only their big hits, although there is some new material. Film’s first album dates from 1981, but the first single was recorded a year earlier, and that’s why the band is celebrating 40 years on the stage now, in 2020.

Ticket prices for the concert in Belgrade Youth center will start at 1.200 RSD. This price will be kept until the January 1st, when it’s going to rise to 1.500 RSD. If any tickets remain available on the day of the concert, the price than will be 1.700 RSD. Sky apartments have several flats for rent in the very center of the city, close to DOB and other places worth visiting, such as The National Museum and The National Theatre.