Hotels and apartments: a typical guest

Date: 06-01-2020

beograd hoteli i apartmani

Business association of hotel and restaurant industry conducted a survey in 2019. among the tourists in Belgrade, giving us a glimpse into the profile of guests, both in hotels and apartments for rent. In this particular survey, more attention was given to hotels, so a more definite statistics from apartments for rent would probably change the results a little. Most likely, the average age of guests would be slightly lower and there would be fewer guests with kids, while all other finding correspond very well with the profile of our guests at Sky Apartments.

The average guest is 44, stays for 4 days

An average tourist in Belgrade is 44 years old, and is most likely to come with partners, while a lower number also brings the kids along, just 23 percent. They are staying four days on average, and mostly in 4-star hotels, such as Sky Hotel, one of the best rated 4-star hotels in Belgrade on website.

More that three quarters of tourists, 77%, are foreigners, while the number of tourists from western Europe is growing faster than the number of tourist from surrounding countries. Russia, China and Turkey are three states outside the immediate region and the EU with the largest number of tourists in Serbia.

Almost 90% of tourists choose Belgrade

The capital of Serbia is by far the biggest tourist magnet, with as much as 87% of tourists in Serbia opting for Belgrade. The stated reason for coming is mostly fun, as cited by 77% of guests, while 14% comes for work. This number sounds a little low to us, as there is an impression that there are more foreigners coming for work. Some 18% of tourists are retired, and they mostly come to Belgrade in large guided groups by river boats that sail down the Danube. Just 13% are students, but if the complete statistics could be attained, the percentage of students and the percentage of retirees would probably would be equal.

Most guests decided to visit Serbia after an internet query, while 17% came thanks to a recommendation by a friend. Tourists spend on average 68 Euros a day, not counting accommodation and transportation cost. More than half of all tourists, 53%, are flying to Belgrade, also suggesting a move towards a more international profile of tourists.

Guests equally split between hotels and apartments

A little more than a half of all tourists in Belgrade chooses hotels, while the other 46% is opting for apartments for rent, or stays with friends. For Serbia as a whole, there is an increase of the number of tourists in 2019 of 18% compared to a previous year, suggesting that the trend of growth is not only continuing, but even growing.