BG Car Show 2020

Date: 25-02-2020

sajam automobila 2020 1

Preparations for BG Car Show 2020 are entering the final phase, and now it is evident that the event will not be endangered by turmoils the market. The concept of an auto show is going trough a crisis, as many shows, big and small, are being cancelled, from Frankfurt to Zagreb. Belgrade Car Show will take place from March 19th do March 25th, and all key car manufacturers have already confirmed their participation. Motorbike exhibition Mottopassion will take place as a parallel manifestation, and an additional space will be given to sport and concept vehicles of the future, with an accompanying exhibition of old-timers.

sajam automobila 2020 2

BG Car Show really sell cars

The number of new cars sold in Serbia continues to grow from year to year, with Belgrade Car Show having a big role in that trend. March is the month when most cars are sold, with small city cars from European manufacturers making the majority of sales, with Skoda, Fiat and Renault-Dacia leading the way. Skoda is the most popular by far, with almost 5500 cars sold last year, twice as many as Fiat. It is a common argument that Skoda is helped by large orders by Serbian police, but in truth, the 5500 number excludes police vehicles. Other than small city cars, the expensive German cars are also in big demand, with about 2.500 cars from Mercedes, Audi and BMW being sold each year, showing the lack of middle-class, as costumers buy either cheap or very expensive cars.

sajam automobila 2020 3

A place to see new models, not necessarily to make big savings

It is exactly these more expensive models that will get a special showing space – hall 3, while other manufacturers will show their models in halls 1 and 4. Car equipment, car parts and other products of supporting industry will be shown and sold in halls 1-A, 2-A, 2-B i 3-A, while C level of hall 2 is reserved for motorbikes.

It is interesting to observe that while the total numbers of ticket sold is in a slight downfall from year to year, the sales are rising. Some of more well informed buyers know that they can always get the same deal in car dealerships as on the motor show, so the BG Car Show is not primarily a place to shop, but it is a great place to see the new models. The show in Belgrade comes on the heels of the big show in Geneva and it is a great opportunity to see all the new models in one place, as many of them will not arrive in dealerships for some weeks or even months after the show. If you plan to visit Belgrade in late March, BG Car Show is certainly a place to be, and also are Sky Apartments, the best short-term apartment renting company in Belgrade.