Spring concerts in Belgrade 2018

Date: 27-03-2018

Spring concerts in Belgrade will bring both stars from around the world and and locally famous performers. Spring concerts in Belgrade we selected are those expected to be especially good, so we haven’t taken the status and fame of the performer as crucial criteria and made choices by considering which concerts are likely to be remembered as really good. It seems that fans of more energetic music genres have most reasons to rejoice, but we are sure that everybody will find something that suits them on this list.

Spring concerts Belgrade 2

Magnifico, concert in Ljubljana

Magnifico, 15.4, Belexpocentar, tickets from 1.190 rsd.

Some would say this is a typical lady’s concert, as Magnifico is a great charmer, but we can easily recommend his concert to anyone who likes mixing of various genres and improvisations in combination with well known hits. Slovenian musician is quite popular in Serbia, especially as he wrote music for severs Serbian TV series.

Wille & The Bandits, 19.4, Elektropionir, tickets from 500 rsd.

The next concert from our list is also all about genre mixing, but more inclined towards rock music. Wille & The Bandits is the British band present on the world’s stage for a few years but it is already considered as one of the best alternative (grunge) bands of today. Spring concerts in Belgrade are rarely so cheap and no lover of good rock gigs shout miss this act.

Toni Cetinski, 26.4 + 27.4, Sava Center, tickets from 1.900 rsd.

When a musician schedules two concerts in two days and both of them in large venues as Sava Center, it is clear he or she must be someone extremely popular at the moment. Toni Cetinski is known for his multiple hits, which makes each new concert better and better, as the audience, almost without exception, knows all his songs. For concert in Belgrade, Cetinski announced he will also present his new project, music he calls acoustic-electric.

Hladno Pivo, 26.5, tereni KK Partizan, tickets from 1.100 rsd.

Spring concerts in Belgrade are really not expensive this year, and this is also the case with our next concert. Famous Croatian band Hladno pivo will play at Kalemegdan fortress in May, as a part of a tour in honor of 30 years of band’s existence. For that reason, the band will play many old hits which will help make a great atmosphere. Hladno pivo is very popular band in Serbia, and most fans consider it a domestic one, which is the philosophy the band also adopts.

Scorpions, 10.6, Stark Arena, tickets from 3.590 rsd.

Fans of legendary German band who expected (and bought tickets for) concert in December last year, now must be patient until June, when the rescheduled concert is to take place. We already wrote about Scorpions on our blog, and we can only add that the expectations are now even greater, and that the additional time helped all the fans to get their tickets. Luckily, Arena is a huge venue, so it is still not late to get the tickets.

Body Count, 18.6, Bašta SKC, tickets from 2.300 rsd.

Announcement of this concert had surprised many, in very positive sense, as American bands which are now considered a middle generation are rarely seen in Eastern European countries. That is even more the case when they are in position to play anywhere in the world, as Body Count is. Great Californian band led by Ice-T acquired fame in the 90’s, and than continued with great albums ever since. It is almost a certainty tickets will be sold out well in advance of the concert, so get the while you can.

Spring concerts Belgrade 1

Dubioza kolektiv, concert u Sarajevo

Dubioza Kolektiv, 30.6, Tasmajdan, tickets from 1.140 rsd.

Our final recommendation is Dubioza kolektiv, band which still didn’t have the opportunity to play in open air in Belgrade. Band members said it is an honor to get to play in Tasmajdan, so the concert must be a special one. Dubioza had recently recorder their album “Songs for children and adults” and this concert is also one soon to be sold-out, so it is our advice to get tickets by April.

Enjoy this great concerts and do not forget to settle in Sky Apartments whenever you come to Belgrade, no matter if you travel alone or as a part of a group.

Frontpage photo: Wille & The Bandits