Date: 20-11-2017
The band Scorpions will play in Arena on December 7, an event which will most likely be the concert of the year. For most successful European bend of all times, with more than 100 million albums and records sold during their long career, this will be the first time in Serbia.

Performing for half a century

Scorpions are one of the legends of rock music, with more than 50 years behind them. They are generally classified as hard-rock, while sometimes also being counted among metal bands, but since the definition of metal has changed in recent decades, Scorpions are today mostly considered as mainstream rock.

Three band members in the current lineup, Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine and Matthias Jabs were the ones who started the band in 1965, while Pawel Maciwoda i Mikkey Dee are recent members. While today their hits the from the 80’s and 90’s are best known, Scorpions made their most original contributions in the 70’s, with albums In Trance and Virgin Killer.

Their next album Lovedrive from 1979 made the band a global success. With following albums – Animal Magnetism, Blackout and other albums in the 80’s, Scorpions became one of the most productive bands of the century, with 18 albums to their name so far.

The band received a huge number of awards form every corner. They got Word Music Award three times, and are part of all exhibitions and collections which celebrate the history of rock, such as Rock Walk of Fame in Hollywood and Rock hall of fame in Cleveland. Some of the biggest hits are Wind of Change, Rock You Like a Hurricane and Still Loving You, which are on most of the lists of 100 best rock songs in history.

Crazy World Tour

Their current album Return to Forever came out in 2015. The band is on the constant tour since 2010, and the show in Kombank Arena will be their last live performance this year, and a first visit to Belgrade, which all indicates we can expect a great concert.

During the several recent concerts on the Crazy World Tour, Scorpions mostly played the following songs: The Zoo, Coast to Coast, Wind Of Change, Rock ‘n’ Roll Band, Can’t Get Enough, Blackout and Big City Nights.

Tickets are still available for those who want so see Scorpions in Belgrade, the cheapest tickets being sold for 2.990 RSD for the upper levels, while tickets for Fan Pit are priced 4.790 RSD. Ticked sales are going well, so it is most likely that Arena will be full. In Sky Apartments, we have 50 apartments on our disposal, some of them suitable for 2-3 guests and some of the even big enough for 5-6 guests.

If you plan to see Scorpions in Belgrade to see the concert, just book your apartment with us, and prepare for the best rock concert of the year, with the bend which left a great impact in music history and has a huge number of fans, especially in Serbia.