Date: 20-04-2018

We had recently suggested several concerts to be held in Belgrade in the coming weeks, but probably the most interesting concert was not in that list, as it was just announced. The concert in question is the one Sean Paul will hold on May 22 in Ranko Zeravica Sports Hall and it is really the most important concert this year in Serbia if we take both popularity of a singer in the present moment and his/her influence in world music as equal criterias, as in Serbia we often get to see music stars long past their apex. For a change, Sean Paul has both old fame and new hits, and he is so popular that he appeared in many songs which broke records in recent years.

Jamaica’s ambassador to the world

Sean Paul made dancehall music, a genre akin to reggae nad rap, extremely popular nad made it commercially successful globally, even to the point in which hes name is today a synonym for the whole genre. Music critics define his style as dancehall pop, as he applied many modern techniques to the original Jamaican style, and it was that very combination that made Sean Paul so popular.

Like most people in Jamaica, Sean Paul has a mixed ancestry, his family being a mix of Europeans, Africans, South Americans and even Chinese! In youth he was a successful sportsman, with music being just a hobby. He was singing in local clubs until 1998 when Paul recorded his first songs. He was 25 than and he soon became well known singer. First global hits came in 2002. and 2003. with songs „Gimme The light“ and „Like Glue“. Sean Paul recorded seven albums so far and lately he made appearances in hit videos such as Rockabye (Clean Bandit), Cheap Thrills (Sia), No Lie (Dua Lipa) and many others.

Accommodation in Belgrade

Ticket prices for the concert in May start at 2.500 RSD for the the floor, 2.900 RSD for fan pit. 3.300 RSD for the stands and 3.900 RSD for VIP tickets. We are absolutely sure this concert will be ore than well attended, with many in the audience being from other cities. If you need accommodation in Belgrade, with prices starting at 39€ for a day in one of our apartments in the city center. You can chek all our apartments here.