Sky Hotel among top 20 hotels in Belgrade

Date: 30-08-2018

Best hotels in Belgrade booking ratings

New member of SKY family, SKY Hotel, became one of the best rated hotels in Belgrade, just six months after being listed on, while also becoming one of the most sought after hotels in Belgrade. We are immensely grateful to our guests for such great reviews, and these rating prompted us to check how well rated are other Belgrade hotels on, how many of well rated hotels are in the city center and how big are the differences in prices. is one of financially most successful websites in the world and the biggest spender on Google ads, as massive chunk of all hotel reservations is registered trough this website. About 30 million establishments is present on, with 20 reservations made every second.

Best hotels in Belgrade rooms

Best hotels in downtown Belgrade

If we limit search to only those hotels rated above 9 (9.2 for SKY Hotel), we will see 45 results. More than half of them are far away from center or they are not real hotels at all, more just apartments with a reception area, or well-furnished hostels, but they succeeded in getting listed as hotels. If we further limit the search only to hotels in city center (Stari grad municipality and parts of Savski venac and Vracar), keeping the score above 9 as a requirements, the list will be much shorter and include just 18 hotels.

These are, realistically, the best hotels in Belgrade, with best reviews, on best locations. It is a curious fact that just two of them belong to big hotel chains, and only one of them (Hilton) has five stars, and only two hve three stars. Most of the others, including Sky Hotel, are new, modern hotels, with four stars, or in case of a few, more classically decorated hotels housed in renovated older buildings, often in the very center.

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Hotel prices in Belgrade

Pricing is very competitive in this small company of most popular hotel in Belgrade. A smaller group, including foreign owned hotels and and two premium hotels keep their prices well above 100€ per nights, while all others, again including Sky, are trying to bring in guests by offering affordable prices, ranging from 55€ to 70€ per night.

If we order these 18 hotels using the most popular criteria on, which is the best price/rating ratio, than Sky Hotel is the No. 8 in Belgrade, which makes us especially proud. But it gets even better, as there are some special features of Sky Hotel which make it eve more desirable than some of seven hotels better ranked on booking. com. For example, our hotel is the only one with really great view, as it overlooks Sava river, with the possible exception of Hilton on Slavija square. Also, Sky Hotel is one of the few that offer family rooms, with another major advantage being full range of services and fixtures for guests with disabilities.