CNN’s list of top 10 Belgrade attractions

Date: 02-09-2019

CNN reported on Belgrade’s tourist attractions several times, and another approving article was just published in Travel section of the website. Just as last year, when Belgrade was ranked among 5 recommended European cities for tourists, and one of 11 in another CNN list, we also see a list this time, but with top 10 Belgrade attractions. The author is Mary Novakovich, one of most recognized travel journalists. So, what are the locations she included in top 10 Belgrade attractions?

top 10 Belgrade attractions pictures

1. Kalemegdan

Kalemegdan fortress is described as a unique and large park perfect for strolls, but also as a place with huge historical and architectural legacy. For those with more time to explore, article suggests Military museum and Ruzica church.

2. Knez Mihailova

Best known street in Belgrade is worth the visit because of street’s charm and great places to sit and relax. Elegant 19th century buildings surround the pedestrian street, cafe’s are full and fast food is very good.

3. Dorcol

Dorcol is not only the oldest part of Belgrade, but also the most attractive one, states the article. Strahinjica Bana street probably has most to offer, but the whole Dorcol is well worth visiting, especilally during the night.

4. Skadarlija

If one is searching for the closest thing Belgrade has to the tourist’s district, Skradarlija is the one. The street was known as a gathering place of artists and intellectuals in centuries past, while today it is famous for great traditional food.

5. Zemun

Zemun has earned it’s place among top 10 Belgrade attractions mainly because of beautiful Danube bank, Gardos tower and Lido beach. Surprisingly picturesque and charming, Zemun is well equipped with great fish restaurants.

6. National museum

It took 15 years to complete the renovation of the National museum, but the end result is great. The museum has fantastic artifacts of history, archeology and art, such as Byzantine frescoes and paintings by Picasso and Matisse.

7. Night life on the barges

Belgrade’s barges are well known throughout Europe, and not only for folk music, but for great parties of all kinds. Restaurants are mixed with nightclubs, and there are two nearby riverside complexes not exactly on the water, but well worth visiting – Savamala and beton hala.

8. Ada Ciganlija

It is great to see Ada lake finally on one of these lists. The article mentiones good beaches and sport opportunities, with the option to go to New Belgrade side of Sava using a small boat for just one Euro.

9. Museum of contemporary art

Museum of contemporary also had to wait many years for it’s renovation, but it was worth the wait. The museum houses fantastic collection of modern Yogoslav era art, mostly unknown in the west, but very captivating.

10. St. Sava’s church

Alognside with Sagrada Famiia, St. Sava’s church has the honor to be the biggest church in the world that is not yet finished. Still, some portions are completed, and visitors are advised to go and look at the crypt, which is fantastic and serene.