Tom Odell in Belgrade on Feb 12th

Date: 09-11-2018

A greatly esteemed young singer, much loved all around the world, Tom Odell, will hold a concert on February 12th in „Ranko Žeravica“ sports hall in Belgrade. Odell is on a tour since October, and his visit to Belgrade will be one of the final concerts on his European tour, as he is moving on to US soon after. Concert in Skopje is already sold out, whole four months in advance, and several other concerts before the one in Belgrade are nearly sold out, so our usual warning to buy the tickets in time is even more applicable this time.

Tom Odell performed on Exit in 2015, when he was still a brand new music sensation, as his career took of just two years before. His remarkable performance on Exit festival only made even more people in Serbia urging him to come again a hold a solo concerts, which he will now finally do.

A lot of struggle and than a lucky break

Thomas Peter Odell was born in England in 1990. and very soon he was writing songs and writing music, but he was concealing his hobby from his friends in school, as it was, as he says – not cool. He wanted to study music in Liverpool, but failed to enroll in college. Odell than joined a band called “Tom and the Tides” and made some success, but then he decided to continue alone. The turning point was the moment when Lilly Allen saw him singing, as she was scouting for talents for Columbia Records in 2011. His career took off from there and Odell’s first extended play „Songs From Another Love“, and very soon his first true album „Long Way Down“, which soon made it to the top of UK charts.

odell 2

Tickets starting at 2.200 RSD

Albums „Wrong Crowd“ and „Jubilee Road“ followed in 2015. and 2017, and most songs Odell is singing on his tour are from this last album. Some of his most popular songs are „Another Love“, „I Know“ and „Grow Old With Me“ and we expect many more hits from his, as Odell is just 28 years old.

Ticket prices for the concert in February cost 2.200 RSD for the floor and 2.900 RSD for seats on the stands, while you can get accommodation at Sky Apartments from as little as 39€ per day.