The National museum in Belgrade

Date: 10-07-2018

narodni muzej cena ulaznica

Reopening of the National museum in Belgrade after 15 years of reconstruction is an event of enormous significance for Serbia. As in the case of also newly renovated Museum of modern art, the project was aiming not only to repair buildings but also to preserve large collections of both museums. A great number of visitors is expected in coming months, but even if some waiting in lines is to be expected, the visit is well worth of it, as the museum is home of immense cultural treasure.

Ticket prices

Ticket prices can vary, depending on the exhibition currently being held. Ticket price for the permanent exhibition is 300 rsd and for thematic exhibitions 500 rsd. All family members can see the permanent exhibition by paying only a single ticket! But if you are coming alone, or with friends, the 600 rsd ticket is the best option, as you can see both the permanent exhibition and the current thematic exhibition for one price.

Another 600 rsd option is a daily ticket for three museum: The National museum, Museum of Vuk and Dositej and Gallery of frescoes. Visits will likely consume a good part of a day, but this is fantastic chance to see some of the greatest treasures in Serbia for just under 5 euros.

Students and seniors can enter for just 150 rsd, while admittance is free for several categories of visitors, such as disabled persons, teachers coming with group of pupils, students of several art and history departments and others. VIP cards for unlimited access can also be bought.

Permanent exhibitions

The permanent exhibition is covering more than 5000 meters squared and all three floors, with most of the items being significant both on historical and art basis. Collection from from prehistory and antiquity, covering the period up to Roman times, is housed on the ground floor. Medieval, baroque, and renaissance items are collected on the first floor, as well as paintings from up to 19th century. Modern (20th century) paintings and sculptures are on the second floor, which is also the location for thematic exhibitions.

Working hours

The National museum is closed on Mondays, while on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sunday working hours are from 10AM to 6PM. On Thursdays and Saturdays, working hours are from noon to 8PM.

At Sky Apartments, we cannot be but proud for this great addition to already rich cultural offerings in Belgrade. The National museum is in the center (literally) of the city, with several of our apartments nearby. Keep following our blog and we will keep you informed about the coming thematic exhibitions in the National museum.

Works of great artists in the National museum

photo: Ivan Ciric