The Brand New Heavies, Oct 29-30th

Date: 18-10-2019

The Brand New Heavies with new lead female vocal, Angela Ricci

British acid jazz / funk band The Brand New Heavies is set to play in Belgrade on Oct. 29th and 30th, as the greatest attraction of this autumn’s Musicology festival. The band will play for two nights in a row, as there is a lot of interest for these concerts, and because their concerts are exactly what Musicology concerts are all about – a relaxed setting for good live concerts, without prerecorded music or big visual effects. The Brand New Heavies were very popular in Europe and America during the 90s and early 2000s, with many fans in Serbia. Band founders, Simon Bartholomew and Andrew Levy, are still two key members, while three singers played a role of key female vocal through the years.

Masters of acid jazz

The band has been playing, under the name Brothers, since 1980. They adopted the new name in 1985, but the real breaktrough came in 1990, when the legendary album with the band’s name is published. They made real success with N’Dea Davenport as a lead female singer. N’Dea, American singer and songwriter, still has a very rich career, but she was probably in her best while singing with The Brand New Heavies. The band was on the top of the charts in 1994-95, when they published their third album, Brother Sister, also with N’Dea Davenport. Since than, The Brand New Heavies published new albums every few years, with 10 albums in total. The latest album, TBNH, was just published (Sept. 2019), so the Belgrade audience will be one of the first to enjoy the new material.

Back to Belgrade

This is the second time in three years that Belgrade fans can enjoy Heavies in live concerts, as they already appeared on the same festival in 2016. Tickets are available trough website, priced 1.900 RSD for each concert. We can recommend these concerts to all those who appreciate good funk and soul sound, with bot cheap tickets and cheap accommodation in Sky apartments.