Royal residence is open for visitors

Date: 04-05-2018

white palace panorama

One of historically most important buildings in Belgrade, royal residence in south-central Belgrade, will be open for visitors during the summer months. First group of tourists made the tour on April 22, with tours being planned for next six months, until the end of October. Group will gather in Nikola Pasic’s square five times a week: for tours in English on Wednesdays and Sundays at 09.30, while tours in Serbian will take place on Saturdays at 12.30 and on Sundays at both 09.30 and 12.30.

It is an interesting fact that most visitors are from Serbia, and even from Belgrade, as the royal residence is one of very few building in the city usually closed to the public, as it is not even possible to glimpse it through the vast greenery around it. The court is open for visitors each summer for 14 years now and the public is still as interested a ever, with more than 50 people (a maximum number for a single tour) showing up at the suggested time. Price for one person is 650 rsd, including the transport. Groups coming back from the royal residence often speak of run-ins with members of royal family while visiting, with royals being willing to the visitors and answer any question.

white palace furniture

At home after 60 years

Parts of the Dedinje complex are Beli dvor (White palace), Royal residence, a park and a church. There are many older buildings in Serbia connected to both modern royal dynasties, but royal residence in Belgrade represents the high point in construction of buildings strictly intended to be royal residences. Construction started during the reign of King Alexander, who wished to build a complex large enough to accommodate the whole royal family. After his murder in Marseilles, young King Peter II lived there until the Second world war, with royal family returning only in 2001.

If you are interested in history of the Balkans, as well as in art, as the royal court has many unique paintings and other pieces, we can warmly recommend this tour. Also, if you wish also to feel a bit like a royalty, Sky apartments have great accommodation for you, including one apartment with suitable name – Palace.