Ricardo Villalobos – Kalemegdan, June 15

Date: 30-05-2018

Kalemegdan fortress is the key spot for this summer’s concerts in Belgrade. Several locations inside the fortress are good concert picks, with basketball court, old arsenal (Barutana) and the terrace overlooking New Belgrade being most frequent spots, but in our opinion the trench in front of Military museum, known also as techno trench, is the most interesting one. This where Ricardo Villalobos, one of the most renowned DJs in the world, will perform on June 15, with the support of Marko Nastic and Amir Javasoul (Canada). Concert is hosted by Blender production, the same organizer bringing Black Coffee DJ to Belgrade just few days earlier, on June, 8.

ricardo villalobos beograd

Depeche Mode’s biggest fan

Ricardo Villalobos belongs to the middle generation of DJs, as his career is now quarter of a century long. His family escaped from Chile in 1973, when Ricardo was only three, and moved to Germany, where he grew up and started to play bongo. His formative years were marked by great love for the band Depeche Mode, as he followed the great band on tours all over Europe. This love is still strong, as Villalobos is well known for his remixes of their songs, which he often plays. Like many other DJs of European fame he made his name in Ibiza, Berlin and London, where he was for a long time a resident DJ. One of his finest moments was the set with Richie Hawtin during the Love Parade in Berlin in 2006, in front of more that 300.000 people.

King of minimal

Villalobos is mostly known for his love for minimal sound and is counted among the masters of the genre, maybe even the best DJ in this field today.He was influenced by early electronic music like Kraftwerk and first techno tracks from Detroit. He published his fifth album, Empirical House LP, in 2017, with full albums being just one part of his career, as Villalobos also produced 30 singles and EP’s as well as more than 50 remixes.

Tickets for this event can be bought on Eventim i Gigs Tix websites, price being 1290 RSD for the regular tickets and 1890 RSD for VIP tickets. Sky Apartments are hosting very many guests during the summer, so we advise you to book your apartment as early as possible, while the same is not necessarily applying to tickets, as techno ditch is big and can accommodate many fans.