Red Star – Liverpool, a possible surprise?

Date: 29-10-2018

zvezda liverpul 02

Red Star will host Liverpool in the fourth round of Champions League on November 6th in Belgrade. The match will follow two unsatisfactory results of Red Star in Paris and Liverpool, with -9 goal difference in two matches. After these matches fewer and fewer supporters believe Red Star can qualify for the next leg of either Champions League or Europa League, but still, a match on Nov. 6th could be the one that will bring the Serbian club back into consideration for at least the third place in the group.

The match in England showed that qualitative difference between two teams is not as big as score suggested. Playing at home and with a little better defense could easily bring a point to Zvezda, a good reason to cheer for Red Star wholeheartedly and provide maximum support. It would suit Red Star for Napoli to score a victory against PSG on the same day, because if Red Star can snatch one point against Liverpool, another defeat of PSG woud give Red Star a chance to fight for the third place in the final match against the French team. In theory, Red Star can even finish in the second place, but that is quite unrealistic to expect.

Accommodation for ticket holders

Tickets for the match between Red Star and Liverpool for home team fans are already sold as parts of set of tickets for all three home matches, but Liverpool fans can still buy tickets. For those living in Serbia, who already have their tickets and plan coming to Belgrade, they can choose Sky Apartments, not only for the next match, but also for the final match in the group against Paris Saint-Germain. We can offer several apartments quite close to the stadium, and we advise all football fans to bring along family members, so they can spend a day or two in Belgrade, as prices are almost the same when one person is using an apartment and when he/she has the company of one or two more persons. It is advisable to book the apartments as soon as possible, as we are often fully booked.