Plays on Belef 2018

Date: 15-06-2018

BELEF (Belgrade summer festival) is one of key summer events in Belgrade, and we decided to present this year’s Belef in two articles, so we could separately introduce concerts and plays on this’s years Belef. All plays will be performed in open space, in the Youth culture center in the heart of the city. Most of Sky Apartments are also in the city center, ready to receive you and placed strategically, so you can experience Belgrade in Best possible way.

Drama, ballet, performances…

The first theater play on Belef, on June, 23rd, is a dynamic piece for kids. Dance theater Velenje from Slovenia brings to Belef a musical-dance performance Pippi Longstocking. After the play, kids can take part in a creative workshop.

On the same day, but in the evening, there is another play, or, more precisely – a performance. Original title is Buffet a vif, performed by two French actors, Pierre Meunier and Raphaël Cottin. It is an abstract, but fun play, written especially for these two artists and with a twist, as Cottin and Meunier had never performed together before this play.

plays on Belef 02

Buffet à vif

Play Marriage, in fact love is popular cabaret performance with two actors – Kristina and Victor Savic. The play has grown out of the well known earlier play How to understand the Serbs and has many dancing and singing parts. The date is June, 25th.

Two days later, the spectators will be enjoying the play The dance of fairies, performed by students of Institute for artistic dance. The play tells a story about love and other emotions, introducing a large number of talented young actors.

The following day is reserved for comedy. The play Angel of the East is focused on questions of politics and morality in contemporary Serbia. Two main characters are a former opera singer and a street sweeper, discussing the present times from their perspectives.

Second children’s play on Belef is Planet of secrets (June, 30th), a very sophisticated piece for kids, taking them to a fairy-tale world and incorporating professional ballet dance.

Time for laughs

Another cabaret piece, Cabare Belgrade, is scheduled for July, 5th. The director and one of the actors is Rade Marjanovic, accompanied by autor, Jelena Jovicic, Dragutin Dimitrijevic i Uroc Rankovic.

The final play on 27th Belef, on Julz 12th, will be Canary stew, currently playing in a major Belgrade theater and best play on recent festival of duodrama in Serbian town of Topola. Two actors in this equally serious and fun play are Mina Lazarevic and Ljubomir Bandovic.

Price of tickets for all plays ih 450 RSD, with the exception of kid’s plays and Buffet a vif, which are free.

Plays on Belef 03