Partizan – Viktoria, 1/16 finals of Europa League

Date: 18-01-2018

The coming spring is of great importance for two big Serbian football clubs, as we anxiously wait for mathes Partizan – Viktoria Plzen and Crvena Zvezda – CSKA Moscow. Even if two Serbian teams fail to progress to the next round, this season will be remembered as successful, but there are good chances that at least one of two clubs will get to 1/8 finals, only if they continue to play as well as they did during the autumn. Partizan got slightly easier opponent – Viktoria Plzen from Checz Republic, so supporters hope for victory, and the likelihood that Partizan will get trough is one more reason to come to Belgrade and see it first hand.

Partizan - Viktoria 02

Partizan got reduced sentence

UEFA had decided to sentence Partizan with playing the match on empty stadium for errors in organization of previous UEFA match against Young Boys in Belgrade. The decision was made mostly because of chants by Partizan’s supporters, but was reduced to just a fine. Football lovers welcomed the news with great relief, ad even the Checz club expressed satisfaction with the decision.

Owners of season passes will first get the opportunity to buy tickets for match Partizan – Viktoria starting from January 24, and after that date tickets will be sold to wider public. It is expected that tickets will be sold out quickly as prices are low – starting from 1000 RSD (9 EUR) for north and south, 1500RSD (13 EUR) for central seats bordering north and south and 2000 RSD (17EUR) for central seats.

Ticket checking within the stadium

For those who will be fast enough to acquire tickets, it is important to save tickets, as checks are possible during the match. Also, all the visitors with central seats will get bracelets to indicate if they should sit in middle of wing positions. All tickets will be issued to designated owners, so each owner has to have some kind of ID to prove that ticked is really his. Another novelty is self-validation of tickets by owners on entering the stadium.

As the match will end after 22PM, it will be late for visitors who came from farther away to get to their homes, and if Partizan wins there will be reasons enough for celebration, so it is best in many cases to rent an apartment in Belgrade just for one night. Sky Apartments offer great accommodation at very affordable prices, from just 14€ per night if four persons share an apartment, 18€ per night if there are three persons or 25€ for two.