Museum of illusions in Belgrade

Date: 28-05-2018

Most events in Belgrade we recommend on this blog are one-time affairs, such as concerts, or cyclical events, such as fairs. Still, there are great many attractions in Belgrade which are constantly available and worth seeing and experiencing. Sport venues, restaurants, galleries, parks and museums are key among them, with museums probably being the most important ones.

museum of illusions nusiceva

Fun in the museum

Belgrade just got another great museum – Museum of illusions in Nusiceva street in the very center of Belgrade. Only few establishments of this type exist in the world , most of the in our region, in Vienna, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Zadar and another one in Oman in Asia. It is not a typical museum, because although most of exhibits have a long history, the way whole concept works is unique. Museum is inviting visitors to interact with objects and to experiment, something visitors do not find in ordinary museums. What makes Museum of illusions in Belgrade even more interesting is the fact visitors are allowed to talk loudly and to laugh, which is specifically prohibited in other museums of this type.

museum of illusions belgrade 2

Dining with five clones

All 70 illusions can be tried by visitors and they are scattered over area of 400 square meters. Museum of illusions can receive more than 100 visitors simultaneously and is great for family visits, as many illusions are so fascinating for kids they appear to be truly magical. Most illusions are optical, making objects and persons do seem different, so you can see your head being served on a plate, or have a dinner with five copies of yourself in other places at the table. The visitor can see objects changing shape as he moves, see the mixing of his reflection with the reflection of another visitor and much more. There are special rooms designed to provide fascinating effects, such as upside-down room and the room in which one can be very tall in one end and very short in another.

Ticket prices are 600 RSD for adult and 400 for kids, while kids younger that five do not pay for admission. Families with two children can buy family tickets for 1500 RSD. Museum of illusions is our newest recommendation for both tourists and Belgrade citizens, and with Sky Apartments in many locations in city centers, Museum of illusions is absolutely worth your time, even if you are coming just for a day.