Koop Oscar Orchestra to play on Kalemegdan

Date: 30-04-2018

One of the most well known and most popular jazz experimenters, Oscar Simmonson, will come to Belgrade with his band Koop Oscar Orchestra on June, 24. The band will be one of the final attractions of this year’s Musicology lineup and Bitef Art Caffe live events. The location is the same as on other BAC concerts – Kalemegdan fortress.

Two days after Koop Oscar Orchestra’s show, another great concert will take place on the same grounds. World music band Bokante is of the finest acts in their field and with these two concerts just two days apart, it might be a good idea to come to Belgrade and see them both. End of June is the time when music scene is liveliest, while during the august there are practically no manifestations of any type and a good number of people in Belgrade is out of the city.

Band KOOP was very popular in late nineties and up until the break-up in 2008. Right until the end of first KOOP, it was one of the most sought after European bands playing electro jazz and acid jazz, right when these genres were peaking in popularity. KOOP Oscar Orchestra has seven members and is playing both old KOOP songs and new songs, with new ones being very well accepted by fans. Their music is based on borrowing from large number of different sources, including materials from other genres, like hip-hop and rap. Simmonson had even announced that some material will be played in Belgrade for the first time.

Jazzu – a new face of Koop

Koop would never had transformed into Koop Oscar Orchestra if Simmonson havn’t met Lithuanian singer Jazzu. She was recording form the age of 13, was in a band when she was 15, and later got classical music education in England. Jazzu is great in singing Koop songs, while she also has a paralle career with her countryman Leon Somov, with many European Music Awards won for their work.

Koop Oscar Orchestra live

If this sounds interesting, than go ahead and reserve an apartment in Belgrade for three or four nights in June, so you could see both Koop Oscar Orchestra and equally good Bokante. Some of our apartments are right next to the fortress, like apartment Vasina. If you hurry, you can get first 50 tickets at a reduced price of 1300 RSD. It is also possible to reserve a small table, also an offer only for those who buy tickets early.