Cycling in Belgrade

Date: 15-10-2019

As running tracks are still relatively rare, cycling in Belgrade is a much better option, as cycle tracks are spreading throughout the city, covering about 100km. While there are considerable jams in the streets, this is not a problem for cyclists, as they use separate lanes on many of the important roads, as well as bicycle-only tracks in best spots in Belgrade. Many of these tracks are not interconnected and still there are many parts of the city without cycle paths, but most of the places close to Danube and Save rivers are close to the tracks, which means majority of the population has an easy access to them. If we just look at the map and see where Sky apartments are placed, almost all of them are in 100m range of some cycle track.

Photo: RAS Srbija

Riverside tracks

The best track for cycling in Belgrade, and also the longest one, starts at Dorćol by the Danube and follows Danube and than Sava river all the way to Ada Ciganlija lake. This track has one dirt-covered part where it crosses the building site of Belgrade Waterfront, but even this portion is really interesting.

Another key route is not a typical, two-way continuous path, but a grid of tracks, covering most of New Belgrade. Most city blocks in New Belgrade have access to these tracks, but those in central New Belgrade are not as attractive as those on riversides. The best part is the brand new track that goes from Zemun to Brankov most. It is not very long, but it’s great for casual cyclists and kids.

Cycling in nature

For those who have more time and can stand longer distances and a few uphill climbs, there are great routes just south of the city center. Hyde Park is the best starting point, and it is practically in the center, while from there one can drive trough nature non-stop, and even leave Belgrade altogether that way. Around Avala, you can find lovely local roads between villages, almost devoid of traffic. Most used track for cyclists who want to get to Avala is the one going from Banjica, but there is a lot of traffic on that road, and it it much better to go trough Miljakovac and Resnik.

International routes

Europan bicycle route Eurovelo 6 is passing straight trough Belgrade, while Eurovelo 11 route passes close to the city. Eurovelo 6 is following Danube and Sava rivers, but it is best to avoid driving across Pancevacki most, as it may be dangerous. Eurovelo 11 route is great for those who want to try inter-city cycling, but is also a good idea to get some kind of transport to Pancevo (train is good, as bicycles are welcomed) first and save your energy. Close to Eurovelo 11 route is Deliblatska peščara, a great place for bicycle rides, especialy for mountine bikes.