Craft beer brings tourists to Belgrade

Date: 25-02-2018

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During the last two years number of small beer breweries in Belgrade has tripled. It is impossible to know how many people produce beer at home, but we have the number of registered micro-breweries, and there is already about 20 of them in Belgrade, with new ones being opened monthly.

Website LonelyPlanet awarded Belgrade with the title of best new craft beer location in Europe, and travel websites are already noticing that more and more tourist from the west come to Belgrade to drink craft beer, as prices are just a fraction of those in most EU countries.

One micro-brewery can produce few hectolitars a month, a quantity that can relatively easily be sold to beer bars, as there is more and more of them in Belgrade and there is money to be made for those who take this business seriously and have fresh ideas. Breweries producing more than just for local bars are finding it easy to export, mostly to European and Russian market.

Beers made from chocolate, fruits, vegetables…

It is often heard remark that most consumers of craft beers are people who like to be trendy, but the truth is that most customers of beer bars, where craft beers are served, are true beer lovers. Most customers are driven by the wish to try as many different beers as possible, with offer from big breweries being pretty limited, because large production lines can’t produce many types of beer at the same time.

There are countless types of craft beer (from chocolate beer to beer made from fruits and vegetables), but most of them are either fruity, dark or unfiltered, with almost 100 types produced just in Belgrade and surrounding area. Beer tours (mostly for foreign tourists) became popular during the last year, as tour included visits to three Belgrade breweries and tasting of seven beer types.

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Beer tourism

So, where to go to try real craft beer? Website KraftLokator lists about 50 locations in central Belgrade, but that list include many bars who serve only a few types of craft beers. When making recommendations to our guests in Sky Apartments, we point them to the website PivoSlavija, which lists only true beer bars.

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The most famous beer houses in Belgrade are The Black Turtle Pub, Beerwood, Drunk Chiwawa Beer Shop, Gunners Pub, Krafter Bar, Majstor Za Pivo, Miners Pub, Samo Pivo, Beerville Beer Store, Burlan Federlong Brewery, Lakat Bar, Miners Craft, Pivodrom, Pivopija NBGD, Pivski Zabavnik, Srpska Kuća Piva and Tavan Beertija.

Beer tasting is cheap and fun way to spend an evening in Belgrade, or, at least, it is a good idea to start an evening in some of many beer bars in the city. Sky Apartments can offer many types of apartment in central Belgrade, from small ones for couples to huge ones for up to six persons.

When several guests shares the price of an apartment, amount per guests becomes really small, so make sure you bring as many friends you can.

Bringing beer to our apartments is absolutely accepted and we will be very grateful is you leave some nice craft beers in the fridge when you depart.