Concerts in Belgrade, Jan-March 2018

Date: 28-12-2017

More and more often, concerts in Belgrade are sold-out months in advance, so it is very important that you plan ahead if you want to see the biggest stars, while the prices is also complicating the planning, This surge in prices and popularity is based in rising quality of concerts in Belgrade, as these days every major band or singer plans a stop in Belgrade while touring in Europe. We have compiled a list of best concerts in Belgrade during the first three months of 2018. These are all concerts of bends form other countries, as Serbian bends are performing more often, so the tickets are easy to find. When arriving for concerts in Belgrade, it is a good idea to bring along a few friends, as accommodation per person is cheaper when several guests are sharing the apartment. That way, you will have much more fun in Belgrade.

KRETAOR, 01.19, Hala Sportova. Tickets starting at 2.600 RSD.

Famous German band Kreator is coming to Belgrade as the headliner of Belgrade Metal Meeting, so we are expecting a full concert within this one night festival. Kreator is showing no signs of slowing down and line-up is the same for last 17 years, testifying to the good atmosphere in the bend. We can distinguish two distinct styles in Kreator’s songs, the earlier one, representing typical Trash metal, and the newer one, with more melodic songs. For Kreator, the pinnacle of fame came in the 90’s, in the golden age of metal, and by now they have 14 albums, recorded regularly through the years. While on tour in Belgrade, the band will promote their new album „Gods of violence“.

NORMAN BEAKER BAND, 02.11, Dom omladine. Tickets starting at 800 RSD.

This is the least expensive concert on our list, so a small group can get both get the tickets and accommodation in Belgrade for just 20 per person! Norman Beaker Band is top class blues band, and they have a particular love towards performing in Serbia, as they even made an album “Live in Belgrade” in 2015! The band comes from Britain and consists of older generation musicians, which is a big plus in this genre. How good they are is evident from the fact that they have played with almost every blues-playing musician and some others, from BB King to Van Morison. Band leader, Norman Beaker, is the most important blues artist in Britain, and probably even in Europe, so this is definitely a concert worth seeing.

KRAFTWERK, 02.24, Belgrade Arena. Tickets starting at 3290 RSD.

What can we say about Kraftwerk, which have not been repeated so many times? Many critics are regarding Kraftwerk as the greatest “living” bend, as Kraftwerk is the point of origin of all electronic music, and it is a little hard to believe that in the year 2018. it is still possible to hear them live. The ticket price is a testimony to their popularity, as half of the tickets for the concert being sold in December. Kraftwerk is renowned for their visual art as well for their music, the effects being  mostly in 3D nowdays, representing a great crossover between art and technology, and a continuation of a their tradition of putting an emphasis on the visual element dating to the forming of Kraftwerk, back in 1970.

CARO EMERALD, 02.27, Hala sportova. Tickets starting at 2400 RSD.
Another concert for those who love more gentle sound, although it’s not as cheap as the one of Norman Beaker Band, is the concert of dutch singer Caro Emerald. She was born in 1981 and become famous during the last 10 years, mostly for her’s astonishing live performances. She is singing in English, has a very strong voice and is obviously enjoying every moment on the stage. There are elements of jazz from the first half of the 20th century in her music, and she is regarded as one of very rare artists who can sing in style of the golden age of jazz and Hollywood. Caro Emerald achieved a big success in Europe during 2010’s and she is especially popular on radio. This is a first class concert, a real treat.

THERION, 06.03, Dom omladine. Tickets starting at 2800 RSD.

It would be unjust to say that Therion is just another metal band, as there is a strong influence of classical music on their albums, and on several occasions the band performed with symphonic orchestras. This time the band is going one step further, as they will perform a unique metal opera, with 29 different performers, lasting for more that three hours. Therion is the bend which loves to play in Belgrade, and we can see them regularly, every 2-3 years. This Swedish bend is famous for their live acts, and for more than three decades now they are among the best metal bends in the world, earlier in the domain of Doom metal and now Symphonic metal genre. Each of their albums is different, as the band is constantly innovating.

After a slight pause in April, the summer concert season will start with a bang in May. We will write more about it in February, when it will be the right time to buy tickets for summer concerts in Belgrade.