New Year’s clubbing in Belgrade

Date: 19-12-2017

Along with more than 200.000 people on the streets, some 100.000 guests will spend the New Year’s Eve in Belgrade indoors, on various types of parties. Almost all clubs in Belgrade are preparing New Year’s Eve events, and we can recommend you some of them.

belgrade clubs 2


Barges are most popular

Club Dragstor Play is very good choice this year, as tickets start form 20€. Loco Band and DJ LO will be on the stage, and the combinations of a well known cover band and a DJ who is loved by those who are frequent in night clubs, especially as Dragstor crowd is well known for their’s party appetite. A good choice is to reserve a small table, as you can get a bottle o strong drink with it for just 50€.

Club Sugar and Spice in Jugoslavija hotel is one of the most modern in Belgrade, with lots of space and great visual effects. Music will be the task of JackPot band, playing Serbian music, but more interesting is probably DJ Inna from Sweden, known for playing RnB and Latino beats. There will also be a lot of typical club music, while the another argument for this club is it’s open bar, with all drinks free for all who buy tickets, with price starting from 29€.

One among the most popular clubs in Belgrade is River, and it will follow a similar concept, with lost of music from the 90’s everybody like to listen, with some RnB and house in addition. Live music is provided by Damir Cicic and Ivana Krunic, and the drinks are also free. Tickets are just a bit more expensive – 32€, but there is a reason, as food will also be served, guaranteeing there will be less headache on January 1st.

club kasina


Free drinks are the norm

If you are trying to find a middle ground between places where bands are playing that you never heard for and expensive events in hotels, than one good solution is club Kasina on Terazije square. This famous club will host equally famous singer Ana Nikolic, with the price tag of 60€. Each guest gets free drinks and food, with best tickets beings those costing 70€, as they will get you a bar table next to the stage. Kasina is a great place for New Year’s Eve as it is in the very center of the ciity, so you can take a short walk on midnight, when streets will be full, and than return to the party. Most of other big night clubs in Belgrade are at least a mile from the city center.

Barge Blaywatch is well known for its New Year’s parties. This is the place that went in and out of fasion several times as it is really big, and now it’s back with great interior and sound system. For New Year’s Eve Blaywatch is providing free drinks and even cocktails, all for 26€, while place at the table costs a little bit more. There are also big separate VIP tables for 10 persons for as much as 220 or 300€. The main attraction are Katarina and the Galliano band, precluded and followed by several DJ’s.

Traffic light party is one New Year event popular year after year. It grew and evolved during last 13 years, but one main theme remains the same: each guest chooses red, yellow or green bracelet, signaling to the members of opposite sex that he or she is either uninterested, mildly interested or very interested in meeting someone new at that party. The event itself is a large one, with several stages and many kinds of music. Ticket price is 30€, but is is also available at half-price if you bring a gift for one child.

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Tickets for as low as 15€

If you are still more interested for a party on Belgrade’s rivers, we can recommend another barge, this one being Hua Hua. It is a barge for those who love to drink and sing and not for those (like in many clubs in Belgrade), who go clubbing to be seen and to see their photos tomorrow on social networks. The band Taboo will be playing, and there are several different packages, ranging form just a seat at the bar, to seat at big tables. Drinks are not free, but they are not expensive either.

Our final recommendation is a party in hotel Crowne Plaza, as we believe this event is also a good middle ground between loud Balkan party and reserved banquet atmosphere. There will be both bar tables and dining tables, while the food will be surely excellent. The prices vary depending on the position of the table, going from 50 to 150€ per person, which is not too much compared to some clubs and barges.

Sly Apartments are mostly full for the New Year, but we might find a place or two if you contact us. After the New Year there will be lots of free apartments, with our advice fro visiting Belgrade being you should come in Summer, when the barges are also full to the tipping point. If you couldn’t book your place for the New Year, book early for the next one, as New Year in Belgrade is something you can’t miss.