Bryan Ferry in Stark Arena, Sept. 7th

Date: 25-07-2018

On of the most charismatic British musicians, whose career is now more than six decades long, Bryan Ferry, will perform in Stark Arena on September, 7th. Ferry, now aged 73, is still regularly on tours, and he comes to Belgrade on a tour which includes Britain and countries of Southeastern Europe. Tickets for the concert in Sibenik, scheduled for September 3rd, are already sold out, and in most countries of the region, concerts will take place in unique locations, such as fortress in Sibenik or amphitheaters in Athens and Thessaloniki. Why Ferry decided to play in a sports hall in Belgrade is unknown, but probably it is because bigger attendance is expected.

Roxy Music and solo career

Bryan Ferry showed an interest in music very early, and was parallelly pursuing a career in art for some time. When he was 23 he already taught art in London and in the same time he was singing in several bends. In 1970. he formed Roxy Music, the band that marked the first half of his career. Band made six albums in the seventies, and many of Ferry’s greatest hits are from that period.

Ferry’s became a solo artist in 1983. His first solo album, Boys and Girls, topped the UK charts in 1985, the first solo album to achieve that. From end of 80’s to early 90’s Ferry was mostly recording and his next two albums, Taxi and Mamouna were huge successes. With the beginning of a new century, Ferry assembled Roxy Music once again, a to this day he is occasionally performing with the band. His new solo album, Avonmore, was released in 2014, and especially since than, Ferry is on frequent tours.

Hits of the 20th century

It is not easy to pinpoint which Ferry’s songs are his greatest hits, as it is a matter of taste, and his songs from the 70’s and early 80’s are different than songs he recorded in recent decades. His most well known hits are, among others, Let’s Stick Together, More Than This, Slave to Love, Jealous Guy and Kiss and Tell.

Ticket prices for the concert in September are 3.300 RSD and 3.500RSD for the stands, 3.700 RSD for the floor and 4.700 RSD for places near the stage. September is great month for renting an apartment in Belgrade, as summer rush of tourists is mostly over, so you can be sure there is a place at Sky Apartments waiting for you. Still, it is best to book at least two weeks in advance.