BG CAR SHOW 06, March 22-28.

Date: 20-02-2018

Together with Book Fair, BG CAR SHOW is the busiest fair in Serbia, with 150.000 visitors in seven days. But no other fair can compete with Belgrade Car Show in terms of revenue, as each year several thousands of cars and motorcycles are sold on Belgrade Car Show. It is hard to believe, but these purchases, made mostly by ordinary citizens, add up to 50 million Euros each year, with the trend of steady growth.

This year’s show will last for seven days, from March 22nd to March 28th. Motorcycle exhibition Motopassion will be held parallelly with BG CAR SHOW, and guests will be able to visit both exhibitions with a single ticket. Motopassion is a great event in it’s own right, and not just add-on to BG CAR SHOW, as 500 motorcycles are sold each year, making this show a significant part of the big event. Bikes shown are extremely interesting, and we recommend seeing the exhibition, even if you are not interested in buying a motorcycle.

bg car show 2


BG CAR SHOW 06 will use all the available space of Belgrade Fair and it will be quite a challenge for visitors to cover all 40.000 square meters of exhibition space in a single day. More than 400 exhibitors had confirmed their attendance, including car manufacturers and car equipment manufacturers. BG CAR SHOW is very well positioned in time, coming soon after Geneva Motor Show, so many new arrivals are shown in Belgrade right after they were unveiled in Geneva. This year 40 new models will be shown, so, on average, each major brand will show a new model.

Journalists are mostly interested in luxury cars, one whole hall being reserved for them, as well as for electric models. First actual sales of electric cars are being registered in Serbia in past few years, with 12 of them sold during the last year. But most of the visitors are not interested in exotic cars, and are generally coming to get best deals on ordinary models. Zero-interest loans are most popular, and most brands offer them during the fair, provided the buyer can forward 30 or 40 percent of total price. Even in cases where interest is present, strong and stable dinar is making loans affordable, helping to grow the demand for news cars in Serbia. In 2017. there was 16% increase in sales of new cars, showing that drivers are more and more considering new vehicles, while for a long time used cars imported from EU were far more popular.

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Discounts up to 20%

Most of car brands are already offering special discounts as BG CAR SHOW approaches, usualy between 10 and 20 percent. All dealers are offering same incentives during the fair for buyers who do not need to come to BG CAR SHOW, but already know which car they want. Even as web applications for financing and web purchases are one the rise, this is not impacting BG CAR SHOW attendance, which is on the rise, mostly because of more exhibitors and more premieres each year.

If you are considering buying a car or just visiting the show, it as best to set at least two days for the event, as it is very hard to see all models and weigh-out all offers in a single day. One night in Sky apartments is quite enough, as it will give you two days on the fair, but If you are planning to visit other locations in Belgrade, we invite you to make a longer stay. The end of March is great time to visit Belgrade, as most foreign tourist are still not in the city and you have a bigger choice of apartments for rent, starting from 39 Euros per night. You can leave your (old) car in our garages, which are accompanying most of our apartments in Belgrade.

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