Superb Belgrade timelapse video

Date: 29-10-2019

Promotional videos are one of the crucial way to attract tourists, especially to the cities. While in the past promotional videos were meant for tourism fairs, today they are much more valuable, and are often used on social networks, on travel channels and in countless other ways. Cities are investing enormous sums in air time on global TV channels, so these videos have to be perfect and be able to hold the viewer in front of the screen for the duration. New Belgrade timelapse video, called “Belgrade Walks Through History & Culture” is exactly of that type, and will be used for promotional purposes until the next year.

Masterful use of drones

Video author is Dušan Stojančević, photographer and cinematographer who specializes in hyperlapse and timelapse techniques and in aerial filming. The new video is a two and a half minute sprint trough Belgrade’s history, with some more recent attractions in later stages. In this Belgrade timelapse video, we can see the city not just from the air, but also see the camera diving from heights down to the very buildings to be shown, almost going trough the door. Sound is also quite original, as there is no background music, just realistic sounds from these sites.

In the vicinity of all locations shown in the video, such as Kalemegdan, Tašmajdan, St. Sava’s temple and others, you can find some of our apartments. As tourist numbers go up, we are trying to raise the capacity and open more apartments. Tourist Organization of Belgrade, which sponsored this video, has done much to promote Belgrade in foreign countries. In recent years, TOB had successfully collaborated with various artists. Last year’s video “„Belgrade Love Story“ was recently awarded on International Festival of tourist and Ecology Film – SILAFEST.