Belgrade, seen by tourists from India

Date: 07-08-2018

guests from India night

When we mention reports of world media about Belgrade, these are usually comments made by media from Europe and US. All their comments, both good and bad (fortunately mostly good), are influenced by experiences and expectations typical for Westerners, as they mostly say that Belgrade is not as shiny as some other European capitals, but also that our city has some sort of magical energy. They are mostly interested in food and nightlife, and very rarely in history and culture. That is the reason why it is interesting to hear about experiences of visitors from other parts of the world, especially from Asia. Guests from Far East are generally interested in the legacy of socialism and in architecture, but they are rather shy when it is time to go to nightclubs, so their impressions are not complete. Luckily, there is more and more tourists from India in recent months, and we stumbled on an article about Belgrade in the magazine THE WEEK from Kochi, also a city known for its tourist attractions. So, how is Belgrade described by guests from India?

Party all-day-round

First impressions of Indian journalists are about atmosphere on the streets, as streets of Belgrade are doted by open air cafes, a rare sight in the city centers of more densely populated countries. The article also states that streets are full of small shops, restaurants, fast food and other stores, making each stroll a pleasant experience, and also i different experience than in other European capitals, where most buildings in centers of cities belong to big companies or are taken by elite stores, making them uninteresting to an average visitor. The presence of dogs in cafes is a small curiosity for Indians, while electric public transport vehicles are also a kind of small attraction.

guests from India center

Unlike the visitors from the west, to whom New Belgrade is least attractive part of the city, guests from India see it as a monument form an important era, where streets carry the names Gandhi and Nehru. They see the architecture of the old part of the city as very attractive, as there is a great mix of influences and styles. Just as other guests, they are thrilled my taverns and nightclubs, but they don’t discuss food or music, it is the very atmosphere that made the biggest impression.

No need for visas

Indian citizens can now travel to Serbia without visas, so we can expect many more guests from the second most populous country in the world in following months and years. Sky Apartments offer accommodation in the very center of Belgrade, and our apartments are especially well suited for guests who have no experience of living in Serbia. Many of our 50 apartments are close together, so groups don’t have to split while visiting Belgrade.