Belgrade Furniture Fair 2017

Date: 06-11-2017

Belgrade Furniture Fair, the most prestigious yearly event on the grounds of Belgrade Fair, will open for visitors from November 7th. The fair is attracting tens of thousands of visitors from all over Serbia, as it is the one opportunity to see such a diversity of products, to get discounts and to agree on all the detail about the purchase, from color to shipping, in just a few minutes. Also, Belgrade Furniture Fair became the most important event of the year not only for furniture manufacturers, but also for the companies who specialize in industrial design and for those making premium furniture, which also gave a boost to this manifestation, attracted more visitors and raised the overall quality of pieces on show.

The biggest manifestation of this type in the Balkans, the fair will last five days. A parallel manifestation, the one showing machines, tools and materials for furniture production, will be held in the same time, but aimed for the businesses, as opposed to the main manifestation, which is focused on the general public.

The number of visitors is expected to hit 100.000 this year, which is considered to be a good number for similar exhibitions even in big European markets. A great number of personnel working for the exhibitors will also be present – 13.000 of them. They will represent 520 companies from 45 countries. Sky Apartments are ready to receive both the visitors and those coming for business, both for the whole duration of the fair and for shorter stays.

Over 500 exhibitors

Belgrade Furniture Fair 01

Most of the Belgrade fair will be used up for Furniture exhibition: halls 1, 1a, 2, 3, 3a, 4, 7, 8, 9 i 55, while halls 7,8 and 9 will become part of the fair for the first time, and the total space reserved for the fair is 60.000 square meters.

For the first time among the exhibitors will be Swiss Vitra, Italian LaCividina and Mattiazzi, French Petite Friture and Spanish Mobles 114. Pieces by these manufacturers are in the higher price range, but as all the events on Belgrade fair repeatedly have shown, this is no obstacle, as the more expensive models are usually first to be sold. These brands are surely among the candidates for the traditional “Golden key” award of the Belgrade Furniture Fair, while a second award – “Belgrade key” – will be introduced from this year.

Belgrade Furniture Fair 02

Those coming to the fair will get at least 15-20% lower prices than those offered outside of the fair, and, even more importantly,they will save the time usually spent on searching for the right furniture in shops and on websites. It is therefore useful to visit the fair even for those living outside of Belgrade, while the best and the easiest way to find an accommodation is to contact Sky Apartments, as we can find an apartment to suit your every need.