Belgrade Beer Fest 2018

Date: 04-06-2018

If you ask citizens of Belgrade about their favorite event in the city, it is likely most of them will choose Belgrade Beer Fest. The ultimate celebration of beer and music, Beer Fest is attracting more than 100.000 visitors each day, five days in a row. Some may say that free admission is the reason for such large numbers, but festival’s popularity has much more to do with choice of headliners, as concerts on Belgrade Beer Fest are, without competition, biggest rock events in Serbia. Only bands that can handle large crowds are invited to Beer Fest, and the very act is no easy task, considering the amount of people, heat and dust.

Beer Fest 2018 stage

Belgrade Beer Fest 2018 lineup

Belgrade Beer Fest 2018 will take place from August 15th to August 19th, with exceptionally good lineup and a bit more urban sound than in previous years. Four truly legendary bands will play: Partibrejkers, Lollobrigida, E-Play and Obojeni program. Concerts will be held on the Main stage and on the Alternative stage, while the complete list of bands will be announced in mid-June.

Partibrejkers will be the band that opens Beer Fest 2018, and the last time they played on the festival was five years ago. As one of the greatest Ex-Yu rock bands of all time, Partibrejkers have enough material to play on all five days, but being a band that has nothing more to prove, they are expected to mostly play hits, and only maybe a few songs from albums recorded since 2000.

Beer Fest 2018 lasers

The biggest party in the region

Croatian-Slovene band Lollobrigida will play on the second night of Belgrade Beer Fest. This synthpop band is one of the most original ones created in last 15 years and is much loved in Serbia, with regular appearances on Exit festival. Lollobrigida won several MTV Adria awards and their concert will mostly attract younger crowd.

Obojeni program is another band with a long history and great fame. They recently celebrated 35 years on the stage, and their sound steady evolved as time passed, from rock to alternative, to electronica and back. They will perform on the third night.

If you are coming to Belgrade for Beer Fest 2018, it is advisable to book your Sky Apartments as early as June. As all the concerts are free and beer prices are really low, Beer Fest is one of the cheapest large events you can find, and all you needs is enough energy and to book accommodation on time.