Barutana – programme for August

Date: 25-07-2019


Barutana, a club with the best live acts during the summer in Belgrade, also has a great programme this year. It is one of the clubs we recommend to all our younger guests, and hosted many great parties during the first half of summer. August is also filled with great performances, but we will underline three of them.

Roll the Drums presents Commix & DRS, August 17th

Roll the Drums parties are coming back on Aug. 17th, with the act of British producer and DJ Commix, accompanied DRS MC. Local support is provided by Rahmanee and Wikluh Sky. Earlier, Commix was a team of three DJs — George Levings, Guy Brewer and Conrad Whittle. They were one of the best House producers in the world during the last decade, while today Levings is continuing the project by himself. His late test album, “Generation 1“, was published in 2016. Tickets for this act have a price tag of 790 RSD.

Kölsch, August 23rd

Kölsch is a major player ot world’s techno scene, a middle generation DJ and produce, highly popular, especially in techno circles. He used many aliases, whether while working alone, such as Ink and Needle and Rune, either while collaborating with other musicians. In the recent years Kölsch was very active, and he published three albums between 2013. and 2017, a bit confusingly named “1977“, “1983“ and “1989“. In 2018, he started his own record label, IPSO in Cologne. Normal and VIP tickets are available, priced 890 RSD and 1290 RSD.

Stefano Noferini & HITO, August 24th

Best DJ’s from Japan and Italy are also coming to Barutana this August. HITO is true global attraction and one of the most authentic DJ’s from Japan. She always wears a kimono during her acts and plays only vinyl record from her huge collection. From 2012. She is a resident DJ on Ibiza. Stefano Noferini is one of small circle of DJ’s whose tracks are frequently played around the world by other DJ’s and topping playlists. He was also successful in pop world, doing tracks for Lady Gaga, Bey once and other stars. His radio show Club Edition is the most famous live show dedicated to electronic music, with about 15 million listeners worldwide. Ticket price is 790 and 990 RSD.

Sky Apartments are very popular during August, as that is the favorite month for tourists, so we recommend that you book two weeks in advance. We have apartments close to Kalemegdan fortress and Barutana.