46th Fest brings 116 premieres

Date: 01-02-2018

46 Fest velika

The end of February is traditionally the time when more than hundred great movies from around the world are shown in Belgrade in space of just a few days – it is the time of Fest, the biggest film festival in Serbia. The festival will open on February 24th, with movie “Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”, an Oscar candidate, with the total of 116 new films shown during the 46th Fest.

Only 16 of these movies will compete in the main program, these being movies mostly from European countries, with one movie form USA, China, Iran, Argentina and Lebanon. These are the movies mostly shown at festivals, not in cinemas, making Fest the rare occasion when the audience can see good quality movies not made in Hollywood. Among the favorites for the festval’s award are the Italian movie “Nico, 1988” and Lebanese-French coproduction “The Insult”.

The billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

The next festival segment is Fest 46 Gala, dedicated to high-production movies that have festival and art value, among them being Oscar candidates such as “Three billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri” and “Shape of water”, as well as great Japanese-Chinese coproducion „Legend of the Demon Cat„.

Serbian film is also well represented with five new titles, all being shown for the first time, including one of very few science fiction movies made in Serbia “Ederlezi Rising”. Another interesting program within the festival is Fest 46, featuring another Oscar candidate “Lady Bird”, movies “How to talk to girls at parties”, “I, Tonya” and other new films well received by the critics.

46. fest Lady Bird

Lady Bird

The complete program of 46th Fest can be seen here.

New locations

Movies will be shown on several location across the city, some of them classic Fest locations, such as Save Center and Cultural Center of Belgrade, but also in other venues, with the aim to diversify the locations and bring the festival to audiences across Belgrade. Tickets are very affordable, prices being 300 and 500 rsd, and will be available from February 3rd.

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