Date: 25-05-2017

About Belgrade, capitol of Serbia, you can say a lot or little, because sometimes even that is enough. However, for those who are visiting Belgrade for the first time we will single out few interesting facts about why to visit and how get to know it in a real way.

For those who has already get to know it, say that they always get back to Belgrade again, or even fall in love at first sight. One poet once said about Belgrade: „I never knew that I could fall in love with a city“, so there you go obvioulsy you can. Exactly that is going to happen to you, if you visit this city. This incredible city will capture you with its charm, loving, contrast, hospitality of his residents…You will enjoy in his unusual architecture that kept its diversity through various periods of history, which means you will often find yourself travelling through time, because while you are walking its streets, this city is going to tell you a story. Spirit of Belgrade is something about its residents are gladly to talk about. Direct and in the mood of fun, many of Belgrade residents will swear to you they are real hedonists, knowing everything about good food, wine, music, and many of them really are that. Belgrade residents are happy about anything and everything, pleasant conversations and long walks, drinking morning coffee, days off…They like being in constant move so that is why streets, walking areas, bars, restaurants, shops are always full with people. So that is how you meet Belgrade, by meeting its people. One more, of many reasons why visiting Belgrade is his history, which is very rich and very interesting especially to tourists. Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe, so that is why has passed through hands of many rulers, and was demolished to the ground even 44 times. Passing through its streets you can see the remains of Roman and Ottoman period, crossing the buildings from the communist era together with magnificent modern buildings, and Belgrade is exactly that, a blend of traditional and modern, a place where past and present interwine. Pass through Terazije sqare, take a peek of bohemian part of Skadarlija, enjoy in the magnificent Saint Sava temple and of course visit unavoidable Kalemegdan, where you can watch fantastic sunset at the confluence of Sava and Danube.

Beside its history, and fantastic buildings Belgrade is also known for Europe capitol when it comes to good fun. Festivals, concerts, manifestations, are unavoidable events, especially during summertime. You will always have what to do and you can not be bored, because that word does not exist in the dictionary of Belgrade residents. International movie festival (FEST), Belgrade summer festival (BELEF), Belgrade music festival (BEMUS), Belgrade Beer fest, are only some of the manifestations this city has to offer.
Belgrade life is falling in love and adventure, going out, meetings and farewells, romantic and pathetic, haste through traffic jam. Belgrade is the city of youth and young. One is certain, it will not leave you indifferent, visit it, and discover why proudly wears a title of „Eternal city“. If you decide to visit this remarkable city we recommend for you one of ours new apartments Grand, which is located in the centre and it is ideal for bigger groups of guests.