Date: 09-08-2017

White Palace is located at the Royal Court in the courtyard complex on the highest hill of Dedinje, on a property of 135 hectares.

The construction was completed in 1936, according to the project of Aleksandar Djordjevic. Renovated immediately after the Second World War. Finally, it is decorated and equipped for the present purpose at the same time as the Old Court. The complex of courts, arranged as a unique free area, serves for residential purposes.

The construction of the White Palace began in 1934, with private funds, King Alexander I, with the desire to make a residence for his sons, but did not see the completion of the works. The building of the castle was completed by Prince Paul, who, as a great art lover, decorated the court with valuable art works.

Along the court, a kitchen and a garage were built, which are connected to the central building by an underground tunnel. Before the Second World War in Europe, Prince Pavle added the underground shelter to the building.

In anticipation of the age of Peter II Karađorđević, White Palace was used by Prince Paul with his family, and after the Second World War, the court served as a representative building in which festivities were held and received by distinguished guests from abroad.

Like its old “neighbor” who is a silent witness of history and politics before 1945, so the decisions made at the Grand Salon and the Gala dining hall of the White Palace played a crucial role in the recent history of Serbia. During the presidential term of Slobodan Milošević (1997-2000), the facility was used for the live political activity, both internally and internationally. The last head of state, officially received at the White Palace, was the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko in 1999. In the ceremonial dining hall of the White Palace, a document was signed that opened the way for the signing of a military-technical agreement in Kumanovo, which ended the armed conflict between NATO and the FRY began on March 24, 1999.

Today the White Palace, as well as the entire court complex on Dedinje, uses Prince Alexander II with his family. The building is, however, the property of the Republic of Serbia. After visiting the White Palace, we recommend that you take a break in our apartment Moscow, located near Terazije square.