Darko Rundek on Tasmajdan

Date: 06-06-2017

The iconic artist Darko Rundek will perform with a big band at the „Tasmajdan“ stadium on June 15th. With this performance in Belgrade, he will start a regional tour on the occasion of 20 years since the release of his first solo album „Apocalypso“.

Rundek also announces the jubilee, when never before published footage of Haustors „Sagacious little freaks“ from 1990, will come out. That jubilee will also be marked with limited series of concerts for that occasion and the happening titled „Apocalypse Now“.
„Apocalypse Now“ is a production musical stage project with seven accompanying musicians, authors, video and lightning effects designed for large scenes with thousands of visitors. „Apocalypse Now“ will present all the intimacy, beauty and grandeur of Rundek’s music and poetics, which became part of the lives of several generations of the audience, from teenagers to people who are left behind more than a half a century.
For these concerts Rundek gathered musicians of different generations, from the excellent twenty year old saxophonist Ana Kovacic and eternal young man Igor Pavlica on trumpet, through the young members of the new Zagreb scenes Roka Crnic (Porto Morto) on bass, Mira Manojlovic (Cul-de-Sac) a percussion and Janko Novoselic (TBF, Chui) on the drums, to the members of the Trio Cargo Isabel and Duca Vranic.
Ticket sale for big Belgrade concert of Darko Rundek starts from Monday, March 6th at 10am in the areas of concert agency Long Play, Mother Jevrosima 42/18. First 100 tickets will be on promo price of only 1.000 RSD, with the gift of CD Rundek Cargo Trio „Bridges“. Sale runs on weekdays from 10am to 4pm in the Long Play while stocks last. After that, tickets will be sold at the price of 1.200 RSD through a network of Eventim.


The leader of the influental Zagreb Haustor, Darko Rundek in 1997. presented his own album „Apocalypso“, on which he collaborated with about 20 musicians, offering a true kaleidoscope of different styles that has quickly gained a lot of respect for the audience and the critics. On the album are song titles „Apocalypso“, „We are branches in the wind“, „Senor“…
Previosly, the „Ingenious little freaks“ were supposed to be the fifth album of Haustor, but before it was finished, the band broke up in 1990. Songs planned for the „Freaks“ such as „Same picture“, „Sea view“, „Suvar and the soup“ ended on the „Apocalypse“.
Rundek then published „The wide world“ (2000), and for the next album „Hands“ (2002) gathered behind him populous Cargo Orchestra with which he recorded and „Mhm-huh oh yeah da-da“ (2006), but then with streamlined Rundek Cargo Trio released „Blue plain“ (2010) and „Bridges“ (2015). For your cozy stay we recommend for you Kroko studio in the city centre.