Date: 01-08-2017

The popular summer event Belgrade Beer Fest will be held this year from August 16 to 20 at Usce.

Last year’s Belgrade Beer Fest, for the fourth consecutive time, was visited by about 480,000 people. This festival once again showed that it is magical and that the rain can’t affect hundreds of thousands of people coming to Usce and enjoying more than 40 concerts of world, regional and local music stars, all spiced up with more than 100 types of beer flavors.
Belgrade Beer Fest is the largest beer festival in Southeast Europe after an average visit. For 5 days, the Festival is visited by over 500,000 people. Thanks to its basic principles – free entrance, exceptional music program and a wide offer of domestic and foreign beer brands, the Festival has such a visit.

Belgrade Beer Fest was founded in 2003. For fourteen years, 7.680.000 visitors could see more than 600 musical performances, tasting over 330 beer brands and participating in numerous social campaigns.
The festival received numerous awards. Among them is the recommendation of the British newspaper The Independent, which included Belgrade Beer Fest in 2005 among 20 world events that should be visited. Professor Dennis Wilcox, in his book “PR Strategies and Tactics”, which has been used by over 350 universities around the globe, has listed Belgrade Beer Fest as a positive example of marketing and PR campaigns. On the occasion of the big social campaign “I am Recycling”, whose goals were to strengthen the ecological awareness of citizens and to buy recycling containers for Belgrade schools, the Festival received the 2009 marketing magazine “Taboo” award for the marketing event of the year.

Belgrade Beer Fest, thanks to all this, has established itself as one of the most important segments of Serbia’s tourist offer, as well as a brand that works to promote the country and strengthen its image.
This is also indicated by the award “Best from Serbia”, which was given the 2014 edition of the festival in the category “The best manifestation in the function of promoting Serbia”.

The “Best from Serbia” campaign has been organized by the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia since 2004, the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the daily economic paper Economic review, with the aim of promoting the best commodity and corporate brands in the Republic of Serbia market.


In addition to numerous news items, Belgrade Beer Fest will present the most popular performers in this year: Van Gogh, S.A.R.S., Kiril Dzajkovski, Atheist Rap…With the big fireworks, Jubilee 15. Belgrade Beer Fest will open Van Gogh. A band that has been on the music scene for more than three decades, this summer at Usce, will provide great entertainment and a great experience for numerous fans from across the region.

The fans of the local sound will surely be glad the concert of the legend of the Serbian rock scene Riblja Corba. For the success and development of the festival of all these years, the support of the City of Belgrade, the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, as well as the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, is very important, recognizing the contribution of the festival to the positioning of Serbia and Belgrade on the tourist map of Europe.

As an introduction to this year’s event, a series of events will be organized throughout the year, where visitors will be able to get better acquainted with the contents of this year’s festival, and at the festival itself will be organized the First International Exchange of Beer Souvenirs, where visitors will be able to see the most interesting collections from all over the world. Namely, in cooperation with the Association of Serbian collectors, collectors from over 20 countries will gather at Usce, which will certainly bring positive impressions from Serbia and in the coming years to come even more. For your nice stay, we recommend our apartment King at the very center of Belgrade.