Things to do in Belgrade: Tandem Skydiving


Five minutes in the clouds

Belgrade is beautiful from the air, but from the airplane the last phase of the flight is so short and the view is obstructed, so the only way to enjoy the scenery properly is either to fly in a balloon or a helicopter, or – even better – to go skydiving. Airport Nikola Tesla is only 15 minutes away from the city, so you can go skydiving after breakfast and be back in the center before lunch.

The price of tandem skydiving is significantly lower in Serbia than in the majority of other European countries, so you will save at least 100€ for one jump. On arrival (we arrange the transfer), you will be briefed by a professional English-speaking instructor and than proceed to your jump from the height of 3500m. During the jump, you will connected to a harness, which is attached to a tandem instructor. The instructor will guide you trough all three stages of the jump: freefall, piloting the shoot and landing.

You will experience about 30 seconds of freefall, followed by four minutes of slow descent with parachute. While in a freefall, you will be drop at a rate of 200km/h! During the jump, the assistant instructor will tape your fall with video camera on his helmet. After landing, the video in Full HD will be transferred to a DVD which you will receive.

Skydiving is great fun and it is our strong opinion that everybody should try it at least once, so why not here in Belgrade, where the service is very affordable and so close? If you want us to book you a tandem jump, no matter if you are a guest of SKY Apartmani or not, you can reach us here.