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Location Downtown
Type Two-bedroom
Persons 5 persons
500m to Knez Mihailova Street

The former street Srpskih vladara, now Kralja Milana Street, connects two key locations in Belgrade: Republic Square and Slavija Square. It is known for its buildings which are considered to be among the best architectural achievements of the Serbian 19th century architecture. The buildings changed its original purpose by now, but they do carry the spirit of times past. Right here, across one of those buildings, The old court (now City hall), apartment Tito is located. As soon as you step out of the apartment, you are in the very center of the city. Kralja Milana Street is also known by its transformation from a busy street with traffic into a quiet pedestrian zone for one day every month. You can start an easy stroll to Knez Mihajlova Street, or towards Zeleni venac green market, or maybe turn back and go to Slavija square – in any case you will arrive in less than 10 minutes! The apartment is especially well suited for younger guests who want to be close to the night clubs, and be able to return to the apartment just by walking.


Apartment Tito is decorated to show that the modern style and the classical architecture can go hand in hand. In the living room the spirit of tradition is more in evidence, all with white furniture and some modern details such as a large TV with cable programs, and also a red bar which connects fully equipped kitchen and a dining area for all guests to enjoy. In the first bedroom you will find a double bed and a vanity desk for the ladies, and entrance to that bedroom goes through the anteroom. The second bedroom, with one large and one single bed, has a different entrance, trough the living room, so two groups of guests can have privacy. The apartment is equipped with air-conditioning, central heating, fast internet access, video surveillance and a secure door.

Persons/ Days  Price per Day  Total
1 95€ 95€
2 95€ 190€
3 95€ 285€
4 95€ 380€
5 90€ 450€
6 90€ 540€
7 90€ 630€
8 90€ 720€
9 90€ 810€
10 90€ 900€