Thing to do in Belgrade: Indoor Target Shooting

Target shooting with live rounds is a thrilling challenge for everyone and a truly unique and exiciting experience for all. After an initial safety briefing you will be straight onto the shooting range. It is a fundamental health and safety requirement that none of the party are intoxicated with alcohol.

Shooting package consists of:
• 10 shots from a Glock OR 10 shots from a CZ (a gun used by Serbian police)
• 5 shots from MP-50 OR 6 shots from a Magnum revolver 357
• 2 shots from a shotgun (pump action or automatic)
• 5 shots from sniper riffle (22mm bullets)

Upgrade on spot is also provided – 10 eur per person per each round with each gun. All our guests, from abroad and here, can participate only if they are 18 years of age and they have a valid ID or passport. A cocktail of big guns, a Soviet style shooting-gallery, James Bond targets and plenty of Ammo ensures a heart-pounding shooting activity in Belgrade that you will certainly never forget.

Minimum people to apply is 3, and a maximum 60. Price per shooting package is 50€. We advise you to make an advance reservation and contact SKY apartments.