Entertainment in Belgrade: “Marakana” tour

Football stadium “Red Star”, which is popularly known as the Serbian “Marakana”, is one of the most famous and undeniably stadium with the craziest atmosphere. Belgrade’s “Red Star” won the Champions League in 1991, and a team plays as a Serbian national team as well. SKY apartments have organized for all their visitors and passionate football fans a unique tour of this museum of football, who will be able to see behind the scenes of this grandiose stadium, where football has been treated like a religion for generations.

Home of the football club “Red Star” is at Ljutice Bogdana street, not far from the city center, where all SKY apartments are placed, but transportation is provided. A magnificent sports facility, one of the largest in the Balkans, is a witness of success and triumph of the “Red Star” through decades.

“Marakana” tour includes the following nine locations: restrictive part – entrance, pitches, changing rooms, tunnel, terrain and running track, west stand, media center, museum, gallery and VIP “Red Café” and “Red Star Shop”.

What is interesting is that on December 27th, 1959. “Red Star” played its last match at the old stadium. With its demolation went a part of football history. In that old field Mosa Marjanovic scored a point against Zamora, Planička has been defited, and after the World War II were played many beautiful and exciting games. The gates of the new “temple of football” were first officially opened on September 1st, 1963, with game that “Red Star” played with “Rijeka”.

Due to its grandeur and high-capacity stadium is compared with then the largest in the world – the “Marakana” in Rio de Janeiro. Since those days, until today, this name has remained an integral part of the story about the “Red Star”, and the stadium has become synonymous with success and victory. All guests of SKY apartments that are passionate football fans are welcome to embark on an adventure tour!

To visitors is provided an English-speaking guide, entrance to the stadium and transfer, and it’s all included in price of 45 € per person. Visit stadium takes about 3 hours, minimum people who can sign in is 3 and a maximum is 50.