Technics Fair, May 21-25

Date: 28-04-2018

Events on Belgrade Fair can be broadly divided in two classes – those addressed to a wider audience, such as Book fair, BG Car Show, Textile fair and to those that attract employees of companies in a single sector, like Building trade fair, Hotel and catering equipment fair or Textile fair. Still, International Fair of technics and technical achievements (or simply Technics fair) can’t be described in these terms, as it was meant to be mostly an event for those directly working with modern technologies but it regularly attracts many visitors from the general public who come to see attractions such as robots and VR, with more than 20.000 visitors for each fair in recent years.

Technics Fair Belgrade

The fourth industrial revolution

62. Fair of technics and technical achievements will start on May 21 and last four days. Moto of the fair is “A step into the future”. The main theme of this fair will be the fourth industrial revolution, a process that can be observed currently in some of the world’s advanced economies. The leitmotif of the First industrial revolution (300 years ago) was harnessing of natural forces, in the Second industrial revolution (150 year ago) it was the assembly line, and in the Third industrial revolution (40 years ago) it was all about electronics and robotics. The fourth revolution is now characterized by IoT (Internet of things), networking and half-autonomous systems.

Industrial revolutions

It is a little known fact that Technics fair is one of the first fairs in Belgrade. It was established in 1937. and it was UFI approved event since 1957. One big advantage of this fair when compared to similar events, is that all presentations are carefully arranged in advance and held to large audiences, so the quality of the presentation is much better and there is a good potential for useful discussion.

Organizers have chosen some dozen general areas which will receive special attention on Technics fair, those being: machine tools, production systems, automation software, industrial robotics, electronics, digitization of data in all fields, industrial safety, clean technologies and support for start-up projects.

Technics fair 3

Accommodation for visitors

Sky Apartments offer special discounts for groups coming to take part or to enjoy some of Belgrade’s fairs, and theses discounts are especially attractive for groups that stay for several days. Most of our apartments are extremely close to each other (many are in the same building), so visitors can easily come and go in groups. You can contact us anytime to find out what can we do to make your visit to Belgrade a memorable one and to make it easier to excel in your work when coming to participate in one of the fairs.

photo: Technics fair