Tasmajdan Park

Date: 05-07-2017

At the site of the Tasmajdan Park, for centuries it was a quarry (a tash in Turkish means stone, and a majdan-coal seam), then ammunition storage in lagoons, a cemetery, and a hippodrome. The park is formed relatively late, at the end of the 1930s, after the building of the main post office on the corner of the Boulevard of King Alexander and Takovska street.

There are several important and beautiful buildings in the Tasmajdan park. Today’s Church of St. Marcus was erected during and after the Second World War, at the site of the church from 1835, destroyed in the April bombing. The old church was built where, five years earlier, the Sultan Hatchester of Serbia’s internal Independence was publicly read. In the Church of St. Marcus, the Emperor Dusan, King Alexander Obrenovic, and his wife Draga Masin are resting. The Temple of the Holy Trinity (Russian Church) was erected in 1924, for the needs of the Russians who, after the October Revolution, escaped to Belgrade in large numbers. Here is also the famous Tasmajdan cave whose walls are 14 million years old. Karadjordje hid here, as well as the people during the bombing of the First World War. In the cave, there was a reserve command of the German army in World War II.

The Tasmajdan Park is abundant with monuments, so there is a monument dedicated to the poet Desanka Maksimovic, then the monument „We were only children“, dedicated to the children killed in the NATO aggression in 1999, as well as the commemorative „Why“ dedicated to the dead workers of the National television. The Tasmajdan Park is spacious, so it has enough space for three large children’s playgrounds, running tracks, open-air fitness area, chessboard, music fountain…In addition to green areas, within the Tasmajdan restaurant “Chance”, SRC “Tasmajdan” with indoor swimming pool, a complex of outdoor pools and hotel “Tash”, and in the part of the park that goes to King Alexander’s Boulevard there is another famous Belgrade restaurant “Madera”. It cannot be said “Tasmajdan” without mentioning the Little Theater “Dusko Radovic” and the Belgrade Gymnasium. Park Tasmajdan has its own “supplement” – Mali Tasmajdan, a smaller park surface on the other side of Belgrade Street. When you finish your sightseeing in Tasmajdan, our recommendation for your pleasant stay in the capital is apartment Belgrade, located in Balkan street, one of the oldest streets in the city.