Lord Of The Dance – spectacle in Sava Center

Date: 28-02-2018

One of the world’s greatest live attractions, music and dance spectacle Lord Of The Dance, will visit Belgrade on April, 10th, during their great world tour. Lord Of The Dance is one of most sought-after shows wherever they go for last 21 year , and one city where the show is always well received is Belgrade, where Lord Of The Dance is performing yearly for several seasons now, as Belgrade audience certainly loves dance spectacles.

Lord Of The Dance is continuously evolving as a show, and the current version, called Lord Of The Dance – Dangerous Games was shown for the first time in Belgrade in 2015. That doesn’t mean, though, the audience will see the same show again, as elements are changing from season to season, with special effects being changed and improved constantly.

Lord Of The Dance Beograd 2

A miracle called Michael Flately

Author of this dance and music attraction is Michael Flately, himself a famous dance artist. Flately has an entry in the Guinness World Records for most strikes of the floor in one second – full 53 times! The show also holds one interesting record: for 21 nights in a row the show was sold-out on Wembley stadium and this feat may never be emulated as the tradition of going to live shows in the digital era is not what it was. Lord Of The Dance is also holding records for earnings and most sold tickets throughout the world.

Tickets are not cheap, but they are worth the money – 2200, 2500, 3300 and 3500 rsd for best seats in Sava Center. Even with this prices, many in the audience will be those who have already watched the show, even several times, as the same king of magic cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Lord Of The Dance Beograd 3

Purchase your tickets on time

Sky Apartments can warmly recommend this great show to all, especially if you didn’t have the opportunity to see a great dance show before. If you need an apartment in Belgrade in the night between April 10th and 11th, or on any other date, you can rely on Sky Apartments, as we offer great apartments at very affordable prices, starting at 39 Euro per night. The cost of renting is shared between guests, so if several guests share the apartment, the cost for each of them will be less than what they pay for the tickets. It would be a good idea to buy tickets as early as you can, as the show will be probably sold-out or only back seats will be available if you wait until a week or two before the show.