Ona moja Tavern

„Ona Moja“ tavern is located in Vracar, Vojvode Supljikca 31a and is an ideal place for those who like the institution of modern cafes. In a pleasant ambiance, in always full bars, you can spend a few days a week for your soul.

Since it is located in the heart of Vracar, the „Ona Moja“ Tavern is a favorite place of modern bohemia. And here is a gathering place, the fourth season and for all those who want to spend a nice time and celebrate important moments. In this tavern, you will have time you will remember for a long time. A large selection of local and foreign wines, brandy and other hard liquor attracts a lot of bohemians looking for good night-time at one of the most popular bars in Belgrade. Unlike others, the “Ona Moja” café has an outstanding repertoire of pop and folk music, for everyone to find something. With good music, good mood and good drinks go, and best of all, prices are more than tempting. The “Ona Moja” restaurant has a capacity of 300 seats and what is specific is the ambiance itself, which resembles old Belgrade taverns with its appearance – karated tablecloths, wooden furniture, discreetly illuminated, returning you when drinking and rejoicing to the early morning hours.

Everyone here welcomes, those who celebrate, those who are lumping, and those who are mourning. In any case, you will come out happily from here. Extremely good prices, friendly staff, good music, best drinks and quality service will make you return to this tavern. The best time in the city in a relaxed atmosphere is guaranteed by the “Ona Moja” tavern. The selection of music and rich menu were made to satisfy even the most demanding guests. The number of satisfied guests returning here and there is growing in large numbers. If you have not been before, it is time to check why the tavern “Ona Moja” is the favorite place to go. A good music program is made by famous singers and bands who make a fantastic atmosphere. It is precisely because of this extraordinary atmosphere, beautiful ambiance, great interest and rich menu, it is necessary to reserve your place in time. If you like this café and want to get to know the bohemian spirit of Belgrade better, we recommend you to stay in our Skadarlija apartment, which is only a hundred meters from this best place of good fun.